Their Sophomore Release Proves That Campdogzz Are No Longer Pups

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Who Are They?

Campdogzz self-released their debut album Riders in the Hills of Dying Heaven in 2015 almost as an accident; they met when lead singer Jess Price was pursuing filmmaking and filming a documentary on two of the members’ previous band. The result is an eerily spot-on mix of the wispy, rustic feel of Price’s native Oklahoma and the heavy, industrial rock vibes of their base of Chicago. Despite the delicate aspects to much of their sound, Price’s Florence and the Machine-esque vocals add an element of pain that will appeal to the emo-est of listeners. For In Rounds, Campdogzz gained the support of fellow midwestern rockers Cursive and became the first band officially signed to their brand new label 15 Passenger. The band will join Cursive on the road for much of their current tour, so it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing their name a lot more as their reach expands across the country.

You’ll Like If you Enjoy:

  1. Florence +the Machine
  2. Mitski
  3. Julien Baker
  4. Big Thief
  5. Cursive

My Take

The thing that strikes me hardest about In Rounds is how multi-faceted it is. It kicks off with an ominous and long-winded synth making you wonder if you’re about to dive into an avant-garde electronic piece, only to swiftly open up with Price’s haunting vocals. Effortlessly cracking at the perfect moments and hitting every falsetto note, quivering with utter punctuality, she’ll send chills down your spine. While having such a strong vocalist tends to downplay the rest of the band, that’s not the case with Campdogzz. Throughout the album, the band both marinates in slow and drawn-out melodies as well as bursts into all-out professions of angst. Teetering between tender, experimental, and raucous progressions, Campdogzz finds their sweet spot and nestles deep into it. After a few listens, I’m not far behind.

Favorite Tracks

“Souvenir”- The first full song on the album- I couldn’t think of a more powerful entrance for Jess’s epic voice.

“On My Own”- One of the louder, more powerful tracks on the album. It’s a refreshing leap from the softer sides the record has to offer.

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