Vibe Out to Myke Bogan’s Newest Album

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Who is He?

Myke Bogan started in California, but is currently making moves in his adopted hometown of Portland, Oregon with his jazzy, chilled-out style of hip-hop. He’s been touring with big names these past years like Snoop Dogg, Too $hort, MGK, Dizzy Wright, and many others. He’s a man that keeps his fans happy, producing a new album almost every year, from his debut So Long South Dakota in 2012 to VNYL favorite Pool Party in 2017. Now, with his latest album Joe Fontana he’s pushing his career even further. Fun fact: he named his latest album Joe Fontana after losing a drunken bet to his friend… you guessed it: Joe Fontana! That explains Myke Bogan in a nutshell. He’s an impressive wordsmith who’s always ready to have a good time.

You’ll Like If You Enjoy:

  1. Joey Bada$$
  2. A$AP Rocky
  3. Wiz Khalifa
  4. J. Cole
  5. Wale
  6. Mac Miller
  7. Snoop Dogg

My Take:

When I was introduced to Myke Bogan, my whole view on the rap game changed. His music is on the slower side and speaks to you during your first listen. Each song — better yet — EACH LINE tells its own story. This dude’s mouth flows with lyrical perfection. It shocked me how groovy his songs were. His unique style shines on tracks like the funky bass-driven “Smooth Motion” where he alternates between a biting, commanding flow on the verses and a mad faded, smooth hook, as well as his collab with Kizadi and EYRST label-mate Blossom, properly named “Groove.” Really, the song titles speak for themselves. His songs make me feel like I’m taking a long drive on the coast right during sunset. Just straight vibin’.

Personal Favorites:

  • Smooth Motion”- This one has a smooth n’ catchy vibe that is so easy to get into. He expresses an abundance of emotions through this piece. If you have any sort of stress or anxiety, this song is the cure.
  • Leapfrog”- This one takes a totally different approach than you would think. It starts off with a slow and enchanting melodic guitar part, and then suddenly speeds up when he starts his rap. It’s the perfect song to drive to.

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