Vocals That Melt Like Butter and Spot-On Lyricism: JMSN’s Got It All

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Who is he?

JMSN (Christian Berishaj) can do it all. From producing to playing multiple instruments, mixing and directing top notch music videos, he’s on top of his shit. Christian started producing at the age of 12 and honed his skills on a handful of different instruments. In the early 2000’s he founded Love Arcade and released their debut self titled project in 2006. Christian played, wrote and recorded every aspect of Love Arcade’s music and later found musicians to play what he had recorded for tour. The group split three years later and Christian went on to pursue a solo career. Under the name of “Christian TV” he signed to Universal Motown Records, which later collapsed, and Christian had to again rebuild from the ground up. From the ashes, JMSN was born, stepping away from his early pop sound into an R&B-driven soundscape handcrafted by himself. Since JMSN’s first release Priscilla back in 2012, he has not looked back and has really created something special. Continuing to garner praises from not only the fans, but his critics and contemporaries, he released 2016’s It Is.

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My Take…

Knowing that JMSN is very Prince-like in the sense of playing and recording everything on his songs garners a certain level of respect. From the first song to the last, JMSN has created a record that blends the roots of R&B, jazz and a dash of gospel. Effortlessly transitioning from vocals as smooth as butter, to spoken word that makes you uncomfortable with how spot on it is, JMSN is unapologetically himself and shows no sign of stopping. And I am here for all of it.

Favorite Tracks:

It Is — An impressive and well-crafted orchestral opening to a rather brutally honest album.

Be a Man, Pt. 2  Adulting sucks, but the best way to handle it is head on.

Hypnotized — A refreshing change of pace with that Reggaeton spin.

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