When frustration hit — learning vocabulary with the wrong Flashcard app

Zuzana Pápayová
May 1 · 3 min read

If you are not satisfied, change it!

What to do with hundreds of own Flashcards you have already created when you are not anymore satisfied with the Flashcard app you are using?

It is pretty difficult to learn the language and create your habit, not mentioning hours spend on own Flashcards.

You keep creating hundreds of Flashcards and suddenly…

…you realize, this app you are using:

a) is too playful for you

b) changed unexpectedly her look to a horrible one

c) misses loyalty to her community

d) made your favorite feature more expensive

e) creating cards is too complicated

f) the algorithm pisses you off

g) …

Flashcard app

So what do you do next when you feel frustrated? Usually, users do nothing. Why?

We call it Flashcard sunk cost fallacy.

Flashcard sunk cost fallacy

Vláďa, the brain behind Vocabulary Miner, shared once himself such frustration of a Flashcard user:

“I felt like there was always something missing in the other vocabulary apps. I was looking for an app that brings quality, simplicity, and usefulness in one.“

And Vocabulary Miner was born…

We were looking through these forums and told ourselves — let’s make it more simple. Let’s help people migrate and choose the right app.

Many users are discussing alternatives to well-known apps like Memrise or Anki, speaking about “migrating” which means many want to move their own cards and find another place to learn.

Choose the right app

Migrate when you feel like it

If you want to transfer your words and/or migrate your courses, try this easy and fast guide to moving cards from other apps to Vocabulary Miner: How to export your Flashcards

Easy import and easy export with Vocabulary Miner

Your cards will be easily accessible in Vocabulary Miner and ready for another export if you ever stop being satisfied again.

Good luck with finding the right app for your needs.

We hope you say more every day!

Wanna get more tips and tricks on learning languages, vocabulary apps, and a sneak-peek of the Vocabulary Miner app? Let’s #saymore to you — join for news.

Vocabulary Miner

We keep learning vocabulary simple. You will say more with every word. Join Vocabulary Miner — free Flashcard app.

Zuzana Pápayová

Written by

Marketing Explorer for Vocabulary Miner. Currently searching for a way in Marketing labyrinths. https://www.linkedin.com/in/zuzazapapayova/

Vocabulary Miner

We keep learning vocabulary simple. You will say more with every word. Join Vocabulary Miner — free Flashcard app.

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