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Dirtiest anime on Netflix: 5 Best And The Most Adult Anime On Netflix With A lot of Sex Scenes

Some of the best anime on Netflix with more sex scenes or kisses.

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This blog post will cover a few adult anime full of dirty and adult content. The objective is to offer some content recommendations, which you can find on Netflix. Since Netflix is a popular streaming platform, we assume you’ll have a good time watching these recommendations.

Top 5 Adult Anime To Watch On Netflix

This segment will elaborate top 5 anime under the 18+ category on Netflix and, by 18+, I do not mean Hentai. You never know how good and exciting the series may be concerning emotional content. So, let’s get started.

1. Baki (2018)

37 episodes

Category- Comedy, Action

Baki is based on a character who wishes to become a fighter and eventually falls in love with a beautiful girl, Kozue. The anime is adapted from the manga.

The Love between Baki and Kozue forms a prominent plot of the exotic content and, apart from the passionate love scenes between them, several scenes showcase nudity.

Gay scenes between two fighters, girls giving lap dances, close-up scenes, and many others make up the entire synopsis. The nudity shown is not very serious but, they are very detailed.

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2. Kakegurui (2017)

12 episodes

Category- Drama, Mystery

The story revolves around Yumeko, who joins an academy, where students are ranked based on their gambling skills and winnings. The anime is considered to make one of the exotic entries in the industry.

This anime revolves more around raw exoticism and not romance. Close-up scenes on breasts, legs, strip scenes and bi-sexual ones make it a lot more just than a story. With a lot of sexy female characters, this show has gained heights.

3. Kill la Kill (2013)

25 episodes

Category- Action, Comedy, Science Fiction, Drama

Kill-La-Kill revolves around a young girl searching for reasons and her father’s murderer. She joins a school of superhumans and, the entire story continues with conflicts. In the exotic content, nudity is not very detailed in the show. It’s proper “ecchi” material.

Like, in a few scenes, the external forces make the characters’ breasts bounce and wither, making it very exotic to the viewers. Even in the second half of the show, the nudity gradually increases with fully shown buttocks of both males and females in sex scenes. In episode 16, there is a weird and awkward moment when the mother joins the daughter in a bath.

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4. Kuroshitsuji (2008)

24 episodes

Category- Dark-Comedy, Dark-fantasy

Kuroshitsuji is one of the most exotic anime of all time. The story is about a boy who sells his soul to a demon to avenge his familys’ assassins. The amount of nudity, exoticism, and sex scenes shown are severe.

A man is also seen always having a woman on his lap. This show also includes gay exoticism. Women playing with each other’s breasts, exotic moments between an older man and young girl, passionate intimacy, and much more are filled up in the show.

5. Death Note (2006)

37 episodes

Category- Mystery

With a 9/10 IMDb rating and 100% rotten tomatoes rating, we have the Death Note. The story is of a boy who goes around the world to wipe off all criminals after he gets a hand on a book capable of killing anyone.

The exoticism is not very detailed but, it is shown very passionately. A young woman welcoming her boyfriend in intimate clothes and then making love, raw exoticism on trains, pubs, and many other scenes revolve around the story. It’s probably the best anime with a good storyline and exoticism.

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