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Examples of different types of Management Information System

What are some examples of Management Information systems (MIS)?

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A management information system is a system of decision-making for the coordination to control any organization smoothly. MIS provides data in both hardware and software formats. For past provide information MIS used some software that helps in decision making, data resources, hardware resources, people management, project management applications, and any computerized processes that need for the whole entity to run efficiently.

There are so many examples related to management information system some of them are discussed below:

1. Office Information System

It is an information system that uses in both hardware and software networks to facilitate and communicate with their employees. Any electronic device or media is used for communication with employees or managers or communicate with each other, under the umbrella of the Office Information System. These devices can include cell phones, land-line phones, multimedia, internet, voice mail, email sharing and video conferencing, etc.

2. Management Reporting System

Management Reporting System or Management Information System generates accurate regular reports by comparing current and past financial performance to determine the financial growth of the organization. The objective of MRS is to track financial growth, analyze and report your business income.

3. Decision Support System

Decision Support Systems is a computer program application that supports and analyzes business or organization data that can help users in any organizational decision-making activities. A well-designed DDS helps organizations to identify and solve problems and make decisions. They compile a variety of data from many sources: from employees, personal knowledge, documents, management, raw data, business models and executives

4. Expert Systems

Expert System that stores and captures the knowledge of human experts and then imitates this knowledge to those who have less expertise in human reasoning and decision-making processes. Part of an expert system is taken to complete the task by sensing your actions, your past behavior experience, and logical assumptions.

5. Knowledge work system

Knowledge Work System is a specialized system used to promote the business, make sure the knowledge and skills are properly integrated into the business organization. The workers should need to search the knowledge outside the business organization. Some examples of knowledge workers are financial workstations, virtual reality systems, and computer-aided design systems.

6. Executive Information system

An executive Information system is used to obtain the data from various types of decisions and present in the form of graphs, charts, and tables that is very easy to understand.

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