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If You Unfriend Someone on Snapchat, Will You Keep Your Streak?

Do you want to know what takes place whenever you unfollow someone on Snapchat?

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When you remove someone on Snapchat, a lot of things may happen. If you thought the only thing that happened was that they were removed from your list of friends, think again.

In this article, I’ll explain how to remove someone from Snapchat, but most importantly, I’ll explain what happens afterward. We’ll also go through some of the most common questions regarding blocking and deleting people on Snapchat.

Is anyone able to read my Snapchat chats if I block them?

No. If you send someone a message and then block them, the message you sent will vanish, and the recipient will never receive it again. This only applies if they haven’t opened the message or snap yet.

When you block someone and have messages saved in the chat, those messages will be removed as well.

Unblocking someone on Snapchat has what effects?

The answer is easy to understand. When you banned people, it returned to its original condition. After all, if you were friends before you choose to block someone, you won’t be friends anymore.

If you’re unsure how to unblock someone, look at the instructions below.

  • Click the Settings menu on your profile page.
  • Swipe down until you see ‘Blocked.’
  • Unblock the person you want to unblock by clicking the ‘X’.
  • Press the ‘Yes’ button to confirm your agreement.
  • Individuals will no longer be able to contact you via their accounts if you unblock them.

What can you do to find out whether a Snapchat user has blocked you from viewing their story?

Snapchat has recently launched an official update that allows users to block certain people from seeing their Snapchat stories. This means you can keep your story concealed from your pals while still being buddies.

It’s often tough to figure out why someone has blocked you from seeing their Snapchat stories. It could only be found by checking at their phone or through someone else’s Snapchat account that wasn’t banned or limited. When you see that someone has posted Stories but you don’t enable access to them, it means that you’ve been blocked from reading them.

I hope this helps.



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