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What Does the Issue Number on Visa Debit Card Means and How To Find It?

What is an Issue Number On a Visa Debit card and how do you can find it?

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Since 2010, credit cards and debit cards have become the common way of transferring money. The basic reason is that you can make your payment more secure. Various online companies have also offered payment by debit card so, you can your online purchasing also more secure. so, the trend of these debit is becoming more popular among people.

Here is complete information available for the people who want to use a debit card and there are several questions that arise in their minds.

What is a visa debit card?

The visa debit card works like cash and it is a better option. Most banks issue these visa debit cards and the person will be able to use these funds directly from the bank account.

so, it is a better way for quick, secure, and convenient money access directly from the bank. A debit visa card usually comes in various forms.

Visa Classic

This form of card is usually used during traveling, shopping, or dining. In millions of locations, visa classic cards are usually accepted.

Visa Gold

You can receive travel assistance, medical and legal referral, and assistance and enjoy the finer side of life with high assistance by using the Visa Gold.

Visa Platinum

You can enjoy attractive lifestyle privileges and experiences from dining to shopping and more, by using this Visa Platinum card.

Visa Signature

In Visa Signature, you are provided with a high level of reward, exceptional spending power, exclusive privileges, and priority customer service.

What is an issue no on the visa card?

The issue no on visa card is also known with some other names like card security code or CSC, card verification value or CVV, card code verification or CCV, and the verification code or V-code.

On which place of your debit card this CVV no is located?

On the back of the card after the signature strip where the 16 digit credit card number is found, the CVV number is placed on the signature strip after a four-digit number.

Uses of issue number

The main purpose of the visa card issue no is to verify that the credit card number of a person will not be stolen. When you are going to purchase in a current situation like online purchases or phone orders, the card can not be swiped. so, to verify that card is present in that situation, this issue number or CVV number has been used. so, a person can be refrain from some types of credit card fraud. If the credit card of a person is stolen, the visa card number does not protect in this regard. It is only helpful when the credit card number is stolen.

How to prevent yourself from the scam of visa card issue no?

Mostly, the criminals that can get the information of a person will have the credit card number but luckily not the visa card issue number. But most of the time criminals set up the pushing scams in which they get the information about your visa card issue no. So, to refrain yourself from this situation never give your visa identification number to any website except for the trusted websites for online purchasing.

so, in most of the US states, they have made a law that card issue number will only be provided in case when a card is not present during online purchasing.

Security benefits of CVV number

The merchants who demand the CVV2 which means the payment when the card is not present, at this moment as a security measure payment card transactions are required by the card issuer to make the transaction authorized. The CVV2 is not included in a case when the database of transactions is compromised so, the stolen card numbers are less useful in that case. The CVV2 code is usually not stored by using the virtual terminals and payment gateways. This is the main reason that the employees and customer service representatives still lack the CVV2 code although they have access to complete card numbers, expiration dates, and the web-based payment interface.

On various debit cards, an issue number to the account number is featured specifically in the United Kingdom. by using this sort code and the bank account number, all the account numbers are usually determined. In case, when the card of a person is stolen or lost, the card number of a person can never be changed without changing the underlying bank account number. so, in case an issue number of a person is also changed.

So, these are some details which you must have to familiar with when you are going to make an online payment or going to purchase online things. Just go through with this information and then make an online payment.

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