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What Order To Watch Violet Evergarden? Chronological Order To Watch Violet Evergarden

The right order to watch Violet Evergarden Anime.

Photo by Branden Skeli on Unsplash

Studio Kyoto Animation’s Violet Evergarden is a slice-of-life drama anime series. Violet Evergarden will not disappoint you if you enjoy KyoAni’s stunning animation. If you ever decide to watch Violet Evergarden, do so in the sequence listed.

Recommended Chronological Order

1. Anime Episodes 1 to 4

1–4 of 13 total episodes

Netflix (buy/stream)

After four years of strife, the Great War has finally ended. Violet Evergarden, a young girl, raised to be a deadly weapon on the battlefield, became entangled in the chaos. She was left with only the words of the person she loved but no understanding of their value after being hospitalized and injured in violent combat on the final leg of the War.

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2. Special: Kitto “Koi” Wo Shiru Hi ga Kuru no Darou

Alternate Title: Violet Evergarden: Special

Episodes: 1 (34 min. OVA)

Buy/Stream On: Netflix

Violet is asked to write a message for a missing soldier by Irma, a famous opera singer. However, Irma’s letter requirements are confusing and convoluted, making it impossible for Violet to draught a letter that will satisfy her, even multiple rewrites.

Violet is moved by the letters she receives and writes a new one to which both Irma and Ardu respond. Irma used that letter for the music for her new opera play. The song helps Irma and Ardu go on after Fugo’s death as she sings. The song is a big hit, with a lot of praise from the audience, and Ardu is hopeful that Violet would finally understand “love.”

3. Anime Episodes 5 to 13

5–13 of 13 total episodes

purchase/stream it- NA

After recovering from her wounds, Violet starts a new life with CH Postal Services. Violet is moved by the concept and decides to work as an Auto Memory Doll, a job that will take her on a journey that will improve her clients’ life and, perhaps, lead to self-discovery.

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4. Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou: Movie

Alternate Title: Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll

Episodes: 1 (1 hr. 31 min. Movie)

Buy/Stream On: Netflix

Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll (Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jid Shuki Ningy), a spin-off film, debuted on August 3 at the AnimagiC 2019 conference in Germany and on September 6 in Japan. The movie was directed by Haruka Fujita, the show’s series director.

At the request of the Drossel Royal Family, Violet is dispatched to a prestigious girls’ boarding school to assist one of the students, Isabella York, with her debutante preparation. Violet’s companion Isabella admits that Violet dislikes the school since she struggles to fit in and has no ambition to perfect her debutante abilities.

5. Violet Evergarden: Movie (Upcoming)

Episodes: 1 (2 hr. 20 min. Movie)

Buy/Stream On: Unknown

The film’s premiere was scheduled in Japan in January 2020, but makers pushed it back to April 2020. Concerns about the recently found coronavirus infection forced the film to be postponed once more.

Daisy, Anne Magnolia’s granddaughter, uncovers birthday messages addressed to her grandmother. Violet Evergarden, a woman, famed for crafting wonderful letters on behalf of her customers, piques her interest.

More than half a century ago, Violet received a request from a severely ill child named Yuris to make letters for his family. Following Yuris’ death, his parents take turns reading the letters he requested from Violet. Violet sends Gilbert a farewell note before she and Claudia leave the island. Violet’s words move Gilbert, and he pursues her as she boards a ship.

Following Violet’s jump from the ship, he reunites to tell her he loves her. He promises to be there for her in the future. Violet leaves her job at the CH Postal Company to join Gilbert on the island. Daisy comes to the island in the present day to learn more about the islanders’ relationship with Violet and to write her parents a letter.

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