Nina Hershberger — Marketing Guru

While many people shuffle through careers and jobs trying to find their niche, Nina knew her sweet spot from practically day one. Seriously. As an itty-bitty little girl, she begged her mother for permission to go door-to-door selling bobby pins. Rusty bobby pins. Permission denied. But, during grade school, she gained clearance to sell Christmas cards in her neighborhood, and she loved the experience. And she still holds bragging rights in her hometown for being the first female carrier with a newspaper route. Illustrious beginnings!

As you might guess, she studied marketing in college. After raising a family and working different jobs in corporate America, she finally had the freedom to launch her very own marketing company, Megabucks Marketing. Though to be honest, she’d always had a side game going. And she encourages everyone to do the same. While she was in high school, her father lost his job. She learned from that unfortunate experience, determining that she would never depend on just one income source. Good advice!

Megabucks Marketing, an international corporation based in Nina’s home, helps clients to increase business contacts, retain customers, and generate more revenue. Nina discussed some of her company’s strategy with me. She has learned to keep her focus narrow. Rather than providing a million services for clients, she specializes with just a few niche products to increase sales.

Nina targets high-transaction businesses, typically working with clients in dentistry, cosmetic plastics, real estate, and financial planning. She notes that our society worships celebrities and experts. Why not turn her clients into celebrity-experts? She loves to create magazine-like advertisements for her people, putting their faces front and center on a slick, four-page, full-color magazine. Talk about looking like a celebrity! And if the magazine world isn’t big enough, how about a book? Nina offers a “90 day author” plan. A client can choose among several book content options, customize the layout and cover, and add his name and bio. “You can license our book and put your name on the cover!” Boom! An expert!

Nina’s typical day starts very early, primarily because Nina is so excited to get up and do her thing that she can’t possibly sleep in. And, if your office is in your home, you can do your thing at 5:00am. Much of Nina’s workload is technology-based. From her computer, Nina can check in with her team, making sure writing, editing, and printing meet deadlines. She enjoys appointments with clients, always strategizing to increase their profitability. And, of course, she also has her own book, which I suppose makes Nina Hershberger a celebrity-expert in marketing!

Stop by her website at for the skinny on all Nina’s products and services.

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