AirDrop Guide. Rewards and Entertainment

“AirDrop is a great opportunity to get tokens free of charge just by doing a few simple social activities,” said Markus Dupree, a Co-Founder, Director and Actor at VogoV. “I’d say that most AirDrops on the market are really boring, which is why our Airdrop is aimed to not only reward, but also to entertain our community.”

With the implementation of VogoV AirDrop, fans can now take part in the decision-making process of content production and receive rewards. VogoV is also releasing a voting platform demo that shows how the voting process will work in the future. To learn more about the AirDrop and voting demo go to

Through the AirDrop section on the voting platform, fans will be able to earn an OGO coin free of charge by following VogoV on Twitter, Instagramor Telegram, posting about the project and pass at least one stage of voting for a OGO token reward of $1.00 USD.

AirDrop registration is now officially open and will continue until December 20, 2018, with the maximum amount of participants limited to 100,000. The first stage of voting will begin October 8 with an all-star selection of adult actresses to choose from.

How to take part in the AirDrop

1. The first step is to register on by entering an email address and a password. In order to verify the email address, follow the link that will be sent to your email address. Please note that the verification email may appear in a spam folder.

2. When the address is verified, the next step is to sign in. When you’re in, click the ‘AirDrop Sign Up’ button.

3. In the first form enter your ERC20-compatible wallet address to which an OGO coin will be sent. We strongly recommend not to use an exchange wallet. For your convenience you may use OgoShift Wallet:

4. Then you should choose where would you like to follow us: Twitter, Instagram or Telegram. After you start following us, paste a link to your profile or enter your username. Please note that you should follow us until the AirDrop ends. It is mandatory to follow us on at least one social media platform. If you wish to support our project, you are welcome to follow us on other platforms.

5. In the last form, you should enter a link to any of your posts about VogoV, including a link to the website of / / / The post must be made by you on any social media platform. In case of our request you should be ready to confirm that the profile belongs to you.

6. Once you have entered all required information, double-check that everything is correct. When you are ready, click the ‘Submit’ button.

The status of your verification can be seen left to the ID number in the header. When your submission is verified, the status will be changed from ‘Pending’ to ‘Yes’.

7. The final step is to take part in at least one stage of voting. It can be an interactive stage or a voting stage.

If you have any questions, please ask them in our Telegram chat or contact us at