Limited Offer. Pre-Crowdsale Is Live, 30% Bonus

The time has come to start our pre-crowdsale. This is a great opportunity to buy OGO coin with a 30% bonus. It is a limited time offer.


  1. ONLY trust the official website
  2. Make sure that your ETH wallet is ERC20-compatible.
  3. Never contribute by using your exchange wallet. Always use your personal wallet with the address.

For Crypto Beginners

If you don’t know how to buy OGO coin, we suggest the following Cointelegraph articles that clearly explains the full cycle of contributing: If you experience some difficulties with the contribution process, we would be happy to assist you with it. All you need is email us at


Not required



Token Price:

0.001 ETH or 1 ETH = 500 OGO


A contibutor will get 650 OGO for 1 ETH (500 OGO + 30%)

Transaction Limits:

Minimum — 0.01 ETH | Maximum — unlimited


The recommended gas limit is 200,000 and the maximum GWEI price is 50.

Pre-Crowdsale Token Supply:

455,000 OGO (350,000 OGO for sale and 155,00 OGO as a bonus)

Pre-Crowdsale Period:

August 21 00:00 UTC, 2018 — August 31 00:00 UTC, 2018

Smart Contract Address:


Read Smart Contract on GitHub:

What to do with your recently purchased OGO coin:

OGO coin can be used as a secure and anonymous payment method at 22 adult entertainment websites with the hottest, exclusive content: Moreover, OGO coin provides three times cheaper access to TeenMegaWorld and TmwVRnet. will start accepting debit/credit cards on November 1. For now, the only one way to buy membership is OGO coin. The website will provide a one-of-a-kind discount during the first five months, starting on August 21.

To learn more about us and our project, please visit and read our White Paper.

We would also be happy to address any questions in our Telegram group and at

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