Build it! // Voice is the Future — Issue #12

Always wanted to build a voice assistant app/skill/action? Curious how they are made? Today’s issue will provide you with all the tools necessary to help you build one!


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Alexa Skills Kit — Build for Voice with Amazon — 
 Build for voice with Alexa, Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind the Amazon Echo. With the Alexa Skills Kit, anyone can build engaging voice experiences and reach millions of customers.

Develop an Alexa Skill in under 5 minutes — Alexa Skills Kit 
 Are you looking to build a custom Alexa skill for the Amazon Echo? Follow this quick-start tutorial to launch your voice experience in under 5 minutes.

Build your own Alexa!

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Raspberry Pi Alexa: Build your own Amazon Echo — Pi My Life Up — 
 This guide will show you how to setup your very own fully functional Raspberry Pi Alexa device that will respond to your voice just like the Amazon Echo.

Here’s how to make a DIY Amazon Echo — The Verge 
 Amazon’s Echo is great. It’s a speaker for music, a digital assistant with Amazon’s excellent Alexa voice control, and a useful smart home controller. But why buy an Echo from Amazon when you could…

Google Assistant Actions

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How To Build Your Own Action For Google Home Using API.AI — Smashing Magazine — 
 Learn how to use the API.AI platform to create a Google action, and how to set up all parameters in order for your action to work properly.

Get started | Actions on Google | Google Developers 
 This guide shows you how to import and run a simple “Facts about Google” app that lets you learn some cool facts about Google. It also has a fun cat facts easter egg that shows you more advanced features of API.AI, a conversational platform that lets you easily build apps for the Google Assistant. Check out the accompanying video to learn more about API.AI’s features and to see it in action.

Actions on Google | Actions on Google | Google Developers 
 Actions on Google lets you build apps for the Google Assistant. Your apps can help you engage users through Google Home, eligible Android phones, iPhones, and in the future, through every experience where the Google Assistant is available.

Build your own Google Home!


Turn your Raspberry Pi into homemade Google Home — Becoming Human — 
 Google Home is a beautiful device with built-in Google Assistant — A state of the art digital personal assistant by Google. — which you can place anywhere at your home and it will do some amazing…

Aiy projects voice kit hp

The AIY Voice Kit Lets You Build a Google Home for Only $35 | WIRED — 
 Google’s official kit lets anyone with a Raspberry Pi build a smart speaker.

Microsoft Cortana

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Microsoft Cortana Dev Center — 
 Integrate your apps and websites with the world’s most personal and extensible digital assistant.

Bot Framework Documentation — Bot Framework | Microsoft Docs

Learn about the Bot Framework and how it can help you build smart and powerful bots.

Overview of Cortana extensibility — Cortana skill design and development | Microsoft Docs 
 Cortana is a digital assistant that can keep a user informed and productive, helping them get things done across devices and platforms.

Apple Siri

Sirikit feature

SiriKit Tutorial for iOS — 
 Learn how to connect your iOS app with Siri in this SiriKit tutorial for iOS so that users can interact with your app with their voice.

SiriKit — Apple Developer 
 Find documentation and resources for building iOS apps and watchOS apps that work with Siri.