Burger King with the Win // Voice is the Future — Issue #8

A Whopper takes home the crown 👑 👑 (Warning, maybe don’t watch if you have a Google Home 😆)

Burger King’s Google Home Whopper stunt wins advertising award — Business Insider // Back in April, the fast food chain created a sneaky TV spot that served as a hack for Google Home. The ad featured the phrase “OK, Google, what is the Whopper burger,” which triggered any Google Home device within earshot to start reading aloud from the Whopper Wikipedia page.

On Tuesday, the “Google Home for the Whopper” campaign nabbed the Grand Prix in the Direct category at the Cannes Lions.

Can Microsoft win the AI Race?

Inside Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Comeback | WIRED // But for Microsoft to succeed, it must do more than simply outsell Amazon in the cloud or convince us all to try its HoloLens AR device. Just as the internet disrupted every existing business model and forced a re-ordering of industry that is just now playing out, artificial intelligence will require us to imagine how computing works all over again.

Amazon Alexa Updates

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