Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

//Issue #5

Fun Projects


DIY Smart Mirror ft. Alexa

The Cyber Omlette shares how to build a smart mirror and run Alexa commands through it. Can we say next project fast enough?

On the Reading List

I needed a guitar teacher. So I coded one using Amazon Alexa.

// Terren Peterson // Medium

“This highlights where interactive voice applications are better than traditional mobile platforms. A voice application doesn’t need use of your hands. Playback of a section requires my voice, and my hands stay on the guitar. For learners like me that need to repeat lessons to get them correct, being hands-free is a huge asset.”

Amazon Can’t Hide It…It’s Betting Big on Alexa

// Danny Vena // The Motley Fool

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) recently announced the Alexa Fund Fellowship, a program that will fund universities and researchers seeking to advance artificial intelligence (AI) voice technology in the areas of natural language understanding, automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech conversion, and conversational artificial intelligence.”

Hacking The Hoff: Easy Amazon Alexa workaround gives this wannabe Knight Rider a talking car

// Geof Wheelwright // GeekWire

“I’ve always wanted a talking car. I don’t know whether it was the 1980s “Knight Rider” TV series, or generations of “Star Trek” shows in which the captain was always talking to the ship. But the idea of being able to have a conversation with my car has always been very intriguing to me.”

In the News

Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri headed to hotel rooms, report says

// Brooke Crothers // Fox News Tech

“Marriott International, one of the world’s largest hotel chains, is testing iPads running Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo at its Aloft hotel in Boston’s Seaport district, according to a report in Bloomberg. Both of those technologies are based on artificial intelligence (AI) that responds to voice commands.”

Google Home launches in the UK on April 6th priced at £129

// Tom Warren // Wired

“Google originally launched its Home speaker and assistant back in November in the US, and the search giant is already bringing it to other countries. Today sees the launch of Google Home in the UK, a natural expansion market for an English speaking digital assistant. Google Home will be available online on April 6th for £129 for a single device from the Google Store, or Argos, Dixons, John Lewis, and Maplins.”

Microsoft delays tools for third-party Cortana integrations

// Blair Frank // PCWorld

“Microsoft has delayed the release of its tools for connecting other services to the Cortana virtual assistant, a decision that could cause it to lose ground in a crowded industry.”

You can now use any Alexa skill without enabling it first

// Taylor Martin // Cnet

“Amazon has now gone one step further by removing some of the friction of finding and using new skills. You no longer need to enable skills before you use them.”

Amazon Alexa beer runs. Yes, that’s a thing

// Elizabeth Weise // USA Today

“Beginning Tuesday, Amazon Prime customers who have an Alexa-powered device, such as the Echo speaker, can order beer, wine and spirits in Seattle, and beer and wine in Columbus and Cincinnati. Amazon will deliver the alcohol within two hours.”

Prime Now (Source: Amazon)