Voice is the Future — Issue #3

Google I/O Big Updates!

Google I/O & Google Home

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Google Home throws down the gauntlet at I/O 2017 — CNET — www.cnet.com 
 At Google’s developer conference, the search giant matched and surpassed all of the Echo’s recent upgrades.

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Google Home review: New features announced at Google I/O 2017 | Alphr — www.alphr.com 
 Google Home has finally made it to the UK, but is it better than an Amazon Echo?

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Google Home coming to Australia, sorry Alexa — CNET — www.cnet.com 
 We don’t know when or even if Amazon’s Echo will come Down Under, but Google’s Home smart speaker will hit Australia later this year.

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Google’s Home speaker can now make phone calls — The Verge — www.theverge.com 
 Only outgoing calls are supported for now, because Google is being mindful of privacy.

TV Interface
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The 6 big updates coming to Google Home — The Verge — www.theverge.com 
 Google announced a few big updates for the Google Home today. None of them are game-changing on their own, but they all add up to a substantial update for the connected speaker. Details are pretty…

Microsoft & Cortana

Harman invoke 1

Harman Kardon makes an Alexa killer! | Yanko Design — www.yankodesign.com 
 On the design front, the Invoke is a lot like the Echo, with its matte metal vertical cylinder design crowned with the LED light ring on top. However, it completely destroys its opponent when it comes to audio, because no one really makes speakers quite like Harman Kardon! Unlike Echo’s single driver construction, the Invoke has 3 woofers and 3 tweeters, giving it a solid edge over the competition.


5 Ways Businesses Can Use Cortana’s AI to Get Organized — www.businessnewsdaily.com 
 These simple tips will help you take full advantage of the Windows 10 AI personal assistant.

Amazon & Alexa

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Alexa devices are going to get better at making sure you actually said ‘Alexa’ — The Verge — www.theverge.com 
 Amazon is trying to make sure that when an Alexa device wakes up, it’s because you really called out “Alexa.” It’s announcing a new feature today called “Cloud-Based Wake Word Verification,” which…