Voice is the Future — Issue #9

All about Alexa 😬

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Build Skills for Echo Show: New Alexa Skills Kit Features for Display and Video Interfaces : Alexa Blogs — developer.amazon.com 
 Echo Show, Amazon’s new device that brings you everything you love about Alexa, is now shipping to customers in the US. Customers just ask and they can see photos, watch videos, review lists, and much more. While your skills will work out of the box, we know that many of you want to augment existing skills by creating unique visual experiences for Echo Show.

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Alexa and Google Home Owners Wouldn’t Go Back to Life Without Them | Observer — observer.com 
 Sixty-five percent of smart speaker owners wouldn’t want to go back to life without them, according to Edison Research.


The Voice-Enabled Revolution — Jerry Lu — Medium — medium.com 
 As voice recognition technology has improved in recent years, I’ve become convinced that voice will be the user interface of the future. Why? When done well, voice wins over any other input method…

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Audioburst for developers — On-Demand & Personalized Audio — developers.audioburst.com 
 Tap into the largest growing audio library with audioburst API for developers — Get real-time, targeted and personalized audio content for your app/website

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Here’s How Amazon’s Alexa Hooks You — www.nirandfar.com 
 Voice interfaces like Amazon’s Alexa are very engaging. A four-step model explains the psychology behind what makes the technology so habit-forming.

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