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Voice Life — the future of wireless power transmission

Voice Life, a year in review

Intellectual Property

The process of protecting our intellectual property began in 2016 with the filing of US, European Patent Office (EPO), and PCT International patents protecting the intellectual property at the “terahertz” patented niche and product concept level. In 2017–2018 we started producing “proof of concept” prototypes to improve the distance and efficiency of the far field energy harvesting and wireless power transmission. At the same time we continued the filing of US, EPO and International patents. In 2019 we were accepted into the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator Program. The first week into the program we were able to acquire the necessary funding to expand our international patent filings and produce a prototype showcasing a smart phone being charged in under 2-minutes.

Continuous Wireless Power Energy System

We have created an exciting novel technology and we continue our strategy of filing additional patent applications to protect our innovation and technology advancements.

Below is a list of our granted patents:

Verge Currency

In 2020 we partnered with Verge Currency and together we are building the world’s largest continuous wireless power energy blockchain ecosystem. In January of 2021, during the world’s largest technology convention (CES2021), we demonstrated a blockchain-enabled wireless power transmission that consisted of a 2-minute charge, paid for with VergePay.

Voice Life and Verge — Wireless Power for the 21st century

Some of the reasons we choose Verge are:

  • Full Stack Development Web 3.0 Enabled: Verge is decentralized, open-source, and provides Voice Life with the capability of doing full-stack development on the blockchain. This blockchain also provides a secure, transparent, and immutable (i.e., unchangeable) chain of information.
  • Open Finance Development: As a cryptocurrency, Verge offers layer one transactions with low fees, quick transactions and it already has a high volume of currency in circulation. Besides its’ native VergePay, its’ coin (XVG) is already well implemented and is supported by multiple 3rd party platforms. These attributes were the ingredients that made Verge perfectly positioned for mass adoption using Voice Life Technology.

Additionally, Voice Life realized that we could offer new layers of technological innovations to the Verge project and here are a few of them:

  • Enable Global Space Edge Blockchain Network, expand the Verge blockchain into space, and support blockchain utilities operators, grid operators, renewable energy developers, corporate energy buyers, and others.
  • The ability to scale the database that includes 3,800 Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites, 93 million cell towers, and 2.3 billion hotspots.

Through the inherent collaborative nature between Voice Life and Verge we are establishing a socio-economic model that can support decentralized communities around the world.

Voice Life today

Since we have safeguarded our Continuous Wireless Power Energy System on a global scale, our next step will be introducing a revolutionary new asset innovation that will allow us to license our technology utilizing the blockchain based applications mechanism for far-field wireless power delivery to smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mobile electronic devices, autonomous vehicles, medical devices, etc.

During this time we realized that we could more efficiently manage our resources if we licensed our technology instead of manufacturing it ourselves. This removes the need for us to worry about logistics, FCC approvals and supply chain, and focus on licensing it to existing tech companies.

The switch from manufacturing to licensing, enables us to focus to integrate our technology in the next generation of devices, allowing for a continuous charge instead of external packs with 2-minute charges. Doing this will make Voice Life and its partners a global force in renewable energy!

In order to expand our outreach and social media capacity, we have increased the size of our team in the past months. This led us to an updated logo, with clear branding, as well as a revamped website reflecting our development changes. Our team is committed to develop a perpetual, predictable, dedicated, on-demand, self generating and reliable wireless power energy transmission that provides a secure, clean, continuous and limitless charge.

We have many future updates and announcements, so please follow us on social media.

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Happy New Year and stay tuned in 2022, we have over 50 NDA’s with various companies around the world!




Wireless Power for the 21st Century — A continuous, predictable, dedicated, on-demand, self-generating and reliable wireless power energy transmission that provides a secure, clean, continuous and limitless charge.

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