Top Alexa Skills for Kids

The Queen’s Mathematician

Pros: Good narrative, encourages kids to engage in math, very good engagement with good sound effects

Cons: May tire after many replays

A fun, easy-to-play math challenge hidden in an engaging quest, where you save the Tree Queen from a group of mischievous elves. You play the queen’s mathematician and progress towards the queen by employing addition, subtraction, comparing numbers and progression. With a few fun choices thrown in to keep the fun quotient up.

It’s just right for kids coming to grip with mathematics, and makes it fun and something too look forward too by giving it context. You can see the work put in to make the skill more engaging for youngsters.

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Panda Rescue

Pros: Wonderful recorded audio, great ambience, good puzzle

Cons: Very minor bugs with naming panda, a bit too long reducing replayability

A sweet skill that lets you take care of a baby panda. As you are walking along, you find a baby panda whom you name, raise and release into the wild.

Makes use of Alexa’s roster of voices to differentiate between characters, audio to further engage you and all the while giving you a fairly good education on pandas, and the work going in to raise them in a way so that they may later go off on their own into the wild.

Also lets you save progress, so you can continue from where you left off last time, making it a skill kids can look forward too.

Lemonade Stand

Pros: Classical game feel, achievement goals

Cons: Repetitiveness might lead to fatigue

This game skill simulates owning a lemonade stand. Alexa states the weather forecast for the (simulated) day and then the player buys cups of lemonade to sell, buys signs for advertising, and sets a price for a cup of lemonade.

It lets you save progress, which means savings are cumulative adding to the feeling of progression. This helps with the kids’ investment into the skill

Kids Court

Pros: Good use of sound effects and Alexa voices, great way for kids to settle scuffles, great engagement, covers all sorts of situation

Cons: Kids might figure out underlying logic on repeated use

A superb case of using a simple idea and running with it to create a very engaging skill. Provides a playful way for kids to settle minor differences, while entertaining them throughout the process.

The skill goes on for the right amount of time and covers good ground during the mock-trial.

Music Bop Adventures

Pros: Great use of music, fun kids show feel, good voice-work

Cons: Need more diverse adventures

A music-based skill that’s part exercise, part music, part adventure and full engagement. There’s even a bit of education in there just to round it off.

Perfect for setting an early morning or evening routine for your kids. Adventures range from space to deep sea.

Animal Workout

Pros: Good use of audio, educational, good balance of learning and fun for the most part

Cons: Wooden narration can be a bit jarring, sometimes education bits overstep

A load of fun of very young kids. Asks kids to pretend to be various animals and lets them make their own fun within that environment.

Throws in a little trivia here and there to make the time spent more productive. The very definition of learning while having fun.

Bed Jumpers

Pros: Great for young kids, a very useful pre-bedtime routine

Cons: very specific target age

A fun skill especially for kids under the age of 6. Prompts the kids to come up with different variations of Five Monkeys.

This creates high engagement value for the little ones, and encourages them to try this again and again and create a routine.

Amazon Storytime

Pros: Pretty straightforward skill, large library of stories, good narration, superb audio and voice-work

Cons: For some reason denies you the ability to choose stories

A very functional, reliable skill that’s perfect for any occasion you deem right for stories. Before bedtime, or before a nap or even when kids seem restless.

A very good library that throws out random stories with well produced audio, meaning kids would want to go back again and again for a daily fix.

Moshi Twilight

Pros: very easy to use, has everything for what it aims for, great use of voice and audio

Cons: None that stick out

Let Buster Bumblechops guide you through the world of Moshi. The perfect skill for bedtime routines.

Whether it be a bedtime story narrated very beautifully, or a soothing sound of a train or just very soothing music while a narrator goes through an effective sleep routine. A good selection for each.

Down by the Bay

Pros: Interactive, good music

Cons: None that stick out

A wonderful skill that provides an interactive sing-along. It integrates whatever animals the kids suggest into a fun song and better yet rhymes for each animal you suggest. Relaxing while being engaging.

Provides a very good change-up every now and then to keep the kids’ attention.

Animal Yoga

Pros: Educational, good to play-along with

Cons: Narration can be a bit lacklustre

Good skill for kids to be left alone with. Narrates random animals’ routines and ask kids to play along. Good exercise.

Lack of good audio may lead to kids losing interest.

Silly Things

Pros: Fun tasks, great replayability, good for familiarising kids with Alexa.

Cons: Pretty limited

Ask Alexa for a quick suggestion for something silly to do on the spot. Great to break the monotony of a day or something for kids to do with friends.

Sets kids off on their own little games from ideas you get from the skill.

Kids Animal Sounds

Pros: Simple and easy-to-use, very good for little kids, decent use of audio, educational

Cons: Kids can fall out of interest quickly, engagement is clunky

A simple, straight-forward skill that has a small library of animal sounds. Explains where these animals reside and gives a bit of trivia about them.

Once again, good for familiarising kids with Alexa, and how to use the Echo device.

Magic Door

Pros: Superb audio, great for kids 8 or older, good audio, narration

Cons: Could use more options, narration could be more engaging

The poster-child for Alexa skills that engage listeners, young or old. Currently with a list of 3 adventures, each with their own distinct adventure and audio to set the atmosphere.

Good replayability and can be enjoyed with the whole family.

1–2–3 Math

Pros: Educational, easy to get a hang of, different difficulty level

Cons: Could benefit from better narration

An easy to use math-based skill that is good for kids for all ages. Select appropriate difficulty for your child and watch him/her spend a lot of time solving math questions.

Uses great examples to make maths engaging and memorable.

Animal Game

Pros: Great past-time, keeps kids hooked

Cons: Requires kids to pay attention and may therefore put some kids off

A wonderful skill that uses logic and powers of deduction to figure out the animal we’ve chosen in our mind.

Very much replayable, and surprisingly accurate.

Short Bedtime Story

Pros: Simple, large library

Cons: Pretty basic

An alternative to Amazon Storytime. Does more or less, the same thing.

Tongue Twister

Pros: Easy-to-use, replayable, good selection

Cons: Unnecessary trivia, narration could improve

A good selection of short and long tongue twisters that are randomly selected from. Can be used whenever kids look a little restless to engage them for a good bit of time

Baby Lullaby

Pros: Very soothing and effective

Cons: Alternate music might help

A pretty basic use of Alexa. Simply enable and play to set a good routine for kids’ bedtime. Music is pleasant and recognizable and does what its designed for.

Make your own Superhero

Pros: Very engaging, easy to follow, keeps kids attention rivetted

Cons: Could use more options for hero features

An easy-to-use drawing-based skill that guides kids while they come up with their own superhero. Gives suggestions on cue to help kids sketching a superhero.

Great for kids to sit down and focus on something they enjoy. Distinct results from each session ensure they keep coming back. Repeated interactions also improve their sketching ability and speed

Pacing is just right for them to stay concentrated on the drawing, but never too slow or fast as to lose interest.

Focus Game

Pros: meditation for kids, good narration

Cons: may not appeal to many kids

Good skill for restless, hyperactive kids especially in groups. But has the disadvantage of not being easily pitched to kids.

Very good narration gets kids to listen and hopefully try the skill out.

Pick Up Chips

Pros: Easy-to-learn, different difficulties

Cons: May get repetitive, no multiplayer

An easy-to-learn skill that places random number of chips. The player and then Alexa picks up a number of chips. The objective is to not pick up the last chip.

Playing persistently improves forward thinking, and encourages kids to be patient and think creatively.

See Say

Pros: Great for very young kids

Cons: Very specific target age

Simple skill that has audio clips of the noises made by random animals. Basic skill to engage little ones.

Beat the opponent

Pros: Engaging, superhero and fantasy genre based quiz

Cons: May not be interested in topics covered

Easy-to-play quiz covering superheros and popular fantasy movies. Great for kids interested in these topics.

Fruits vs Veggies

Pros: Simple, educational

Cons: Kids could lose interest quickly

A very basic quiz. Identify if a food is a fruit or veggie. Educational, but older kids could tire of it quickly.

The Tooth Fairy

Pros: Great companion skill

Cons: None

Good companion skill to introduce little kids to brushing, flossing. Makes it a less tiresome task, and great for them to pick up the concept of dental hygiene early.

Out the Door

Pros: Good companion skill

Cons: Not effective in all cases

Another companion skill to help young kids to set a morning routine. Parents can attest to the difficulty in getting kids ready for school

The skill attempts to make it a more playful and thereby less difficult process.

Learn the Word

Pros: Trivia, education

Cons: not very engaging

A simple trivia skill that introduces kids to cities, animals etc.. Even though it is educational, it is not particularly engaging so may not retain kids’ attention.

PAC-MAN Stories

Pros: Fun, well narrated, well-loved character, good engagement, progress is saved

Cons: Not the easiest to navigate

A very innovative voice-based take on the world-famous PAC-MAN character. The audio will be nostalgic for adults and good for introducing the character to the new generation.

Very well narrated invokes vivid imagery, and good use of audio for great engagement.