Top voice conferences of 2019

A complete list of events for anyone interested in smart speakers, voice assistants and voice-first product development

Polina Cherkashyna
Feb 10, 2019 · 2 min read

Voice isn’t a flashy tech trend, which may or may not take flight anymore. It’s a new new interface, which is here to stay and it’s time for brands and practitioners to ramp up to it.

A great way of learning more about the new technology is attending voice conferences and events. Luckily this year there is quite a number of voice events to choose from.

We put together the ultimate list for you and can’t wait to meet you there!

Voice First FM
January 15–17, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Voice of the Car Summit
April 9, 2019, Mountain View, California

February 1–2, Ogden, Utah, USA

Conversational Interaction
March 11–12, 2019, San Jose, CA, USA

April 29-May 1, Washington, DC, USA

Voice-Connected Home
May 7–8, Cologne, Germany

Google IO
May 8–9, Mountain View, CA, USA

TBA , last year took place on May 22, New York City, USA

One Voice
May 9–12, London, UK

Voice of Hospitality Summit
June 4, Dallas, TX, USA

Voice Summit
July 22–26, Newark, USA

Voice of Healthcare Summit
August 5–6, Boston, MA, USA

CUI 2019
August 22–23, Dublin, Ireland

August 27–30, Copenhagen, Denmark

Voice of Banking Summit
October, New York City, NY, USA
(Website and more details coming soon)

If you are in Toronto or in London, Ontario — you are also welcome to attend the monthly Voice Tech TO and Voice Tech LO events. And if you’re a fan of voice like us — join the conversation now on the Voice Tech Global Slack or Twitter .

Voice Tech Global

This is a blog about voice.

Polina Cherkashyna

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Product strategist and thought leader focused on voice-first products, Machine Learning and Product Delivery craftsmanship. Organizer of Voice Tech Global.

Voice Tech Global

This is a blog about voice.

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