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Camp Prime — Let Your Kids Have Their Summer Camp 2020 at Home!

Amazon is incorporating its smart assistant, Alexa, to create Camp Prime. Amazon launched Camp Prime to cater to the needs of children and families all over the world, who are missing out on summer camps and schools due to the ongoing global crisis.

Covid-19 has brought the whole world to a halt, and tech giants like Amazon are trying their level best to enliven our monotonous lives up. It has designed Camp Prime in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

It provides a handbook for projects and a collection of video tutorials that are accessible online with the help of Alexa.

What Does Camp Prime Do?

The digital Camp Prime Handbook is the highlight of this project. The booklet is packed with snack recipes, gardening tips, and fire-free campfires. It comes in both English and Spanish versions!

For those who are Amazon Prime members, they can assess free access to Camp Prime-specific videos, books, and music that is available on Amazon’s official website.

They have optimized Alexa in such a way that she recites a fact or anecdote for the kids every morning, and even answers questions. Alexa kind of acts as the adjunct of the whole virtual camp.

She also pulls up online video tutorials by famous influencers when asked to, which provide lessons on dancing, beatboxing, crafts, and so forth. All of it is done by famous social media stars.

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What was Amazon’s Motive Behind Launching Camp Prime?

Amazon Prime’s vice president Jamil Ghani said in a statement as mentioned by Voicebot.ai, “The past few months have challenged parents and kids alike, and I know many families, including my own, were looking forward to their summer traditions this year. That’s why we partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to bring families the Camp Prime Handbook.

The handbook is free for everyone and is full of activities families can do with supplies easily found around the house. With the Boys & Girls Clubs’ 160 years of experience providing youth camps, we’ve created an experience that will help families make the most of this unique summer, building on Prime’s year-round goal to help make people’s lives a little easier, more convenient, and more fun every day.”

Will Users Face Any Privacy Issues?

Camp Prime mostly aims families, and will presumably have the adults conversing with the voice assistant more than the kids. This kills the concerns for children’s privacy issues altogether.

Amazon has previously dealt with lawsuits regarding Alexa for privacy concerns, which shouldn’t be much of a hassle now, not in case of Camp Prime at least. Camp Prime has been specifically curated for the Echo Dot Kids Edition.

It aims to encourage parents stuck at home with their kids to encourage them to utilize Amazon’s Free Time Unlimited service for kids-specific voice applications. Kid-Kraft Kitchen and other such Alexa-enabled toys are also great options for parents to let their children engage in, as they don’t require much supervision.

A Positive Vibe

With the world stagnant due to a global halt, it’s good to see tech giants like Amazon coming up with creative ideas to keep the masses entertained. Thanks to voice technology and AI, this pandemic has become quite bearable!

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