How Chatbots Can Become the Next Big Game Changers for Business Leads

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Jul 3 · 4 min read

Human behavior is a fickle thing. It changes with the things happening around in the world. Or is it the other way around? Is it the human behavior which adapts itself according to the things, or the things around the humans start adapting themselves according to their behavior? That little sinkhole between these both adaptations is bridged by development of Chatbots.

About 80% of businesses are planning to incorporate chatbots by the year 2020

Chatbots are the game changers of the future. However, every new technological advent has had its share of going right and wrong. The desperate need for making everything automated is making marketers impatient.

But what if, Chatbots and human interaction both join hands and start generating even better results?

Let’s take a look upon how effective Chatbot marketing can be the game-changer in the coming years:

Customer Service

A study has highlighted that the most preferred way of communicating (69% of consumers) is Chatbots because of their ability to give faster answers. When customers land on your site, they browse through a lot of information until they find what they are looking for. Adding an on-site chatbot can help find them exactly what they want by engaging in a conversation. This would eventually lead to having better insights and generating better leads.

Jumpstarting the Sales Cycle

Businesses and social media have collaborated in such a way that customers are talking to the salespersons through these social platforms. Chatbots act as a salesperson and have the potential to make it as personal as possible. Chatbot plug-ins in Facebook messenger can help in boosting the sales of a business. Research has shown that almost 69% of Messenger users feel that they can make a better and informed purchase decision after indulging in a conversation with a brand.

Great Option to Club with an App

Every other business is pushing its digital marketing strategy and developing a mobile app for their customers. However, this also creates a problem; customers don’t use all the apps and they almost become useless to download.

In other words, its app fatigue; that means too many options but of no significant benefit. If an on-site Chatbot can offer all the answers customers need — they won’t be downloading an app only to let it sit idle in their phones.

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Some of the most efficient Chatbots in the current market:

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is one of the most sophisticated chatbots which has already been trained with industry-specific content. It is capable of understanding chat and call history, searching for answers from the database, asking customers for clarity, and directing them to human interactions. It can be installed on apps, websites, and message channels.


One of the most trusted AI technology by big brands like Medium and Shopify which is pre-trained to send personalized messages by storing and reading customer data and even adding GIFs to make it more engaging. Apart from that, it can be integrated with various channels and ask for feedback from customers on the effort and information provided. Ada also claims that they have saved over $100 million in customer savings by using their chatbot.

Domino’s Pizza

The website experience can be availed by the Chatbot developed by Domino’s Pizza. Just like customers would customize their orders on the site, Chatbot helps them do the same. Moreover, it is capable of storing and remembering past orders that let customers repeat them without entering details again and leaving Messenger.


Sephora Chatbot enables you to book various appointments, browse different beauty products and services and even try make-up using virtual and augmented technology. Moreover, it has the feature of geo-targeting that suggests customers where to book and shop for products by detecting their location.

Winding Up

While Chatbots are increasingly taking over human interactions, it is important to note that they cannot be the only solution for every customer need, in fact, approximately 50% of customers still feel that they prefer talking to a human representative rather than a chatbot. Clumsy conversations and open-ended questions can still put chatbots in a position of not being capable enough to answer. Hence, a marketing strategy should be constructed in a way that involves both AI and human interaction.

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