Creating Chat bot Which can answer investment questions

Omkar Surve
Mar 17 · 3 min read

Chatbots or conversational interfaces as they’re also best-known, present a brand new approach for people to act with computer systems.

Google owned Dialogflow formerly known as is a developer of human computer interaction technologies based on natural language conversations. Using Dialogflow and Bot Framework a web chat bot answering investment related queries was made.

Steps taken:

· To learn about dialogflow its documentation was used (

· After making example shown in docs it was time to make investment bot.

· The resource consisted of hsbc investments FAQs. (

· This FAQ was feed as knowledge base to the investment app.

· Dialogflow’s knowledge base feature gets all FAQs/QNAs from url/text/html document.

· To enable knowledge base go to project settings and enable beta features.

Knowledge base in dialogflow

· After all data has been collected in knowledge base , each question is created into separate intent which needs to be enabled.

· Additional resources were used for questions related to retirement plans and insurance.( ,

· To present user with option and take input from them and answer accordingly use “follow-up intent”

Follow up intent in DialogFlow

· Using this feature a follow up to previous input was made.

Skype integration :

Using Microsoft bot framework and Azure platform this can be achieved. For this head over to microsoft bot framework website and create a new bot.

·Fill in details of your project and copy microsoft app id and password which need to be pasted in field on dialogflow integration page below.

·A request url is given on this above page which needs to be pasted on microsoft bot framework website.

·Once done your bot status will be shown as active.

Testing :

Skype bot:

Skype integration

Web chat bot:

Basic investment questions :

Basic investment questions 1
Basic investment questions 2
Basic investment questions 3
Basic investment questions 4

Mutual Fund questions :

mutual fund questions

Retirement plan related questions : In this follow up intents are used

follow up intent 1
follow up intent 2
follow up intent 3

Life insurance :

life insurance questions answering bot 1
life insurance questions answering bot 2
life insurance questions answering bot 3

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