Climate conscious NFTs are headed to Antarctica

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2 min readMar 8, 2022


Originally published 11/07/2021

by Emily Drewry

Three weeks ago, artist Marissa Sher sold her first NFT. This week, she heads to Antarctica with a whole suite of them ready for collectors to peruse as they sail amongst the icebergs of the world’s southernmost continent.

Sher’s practice entails building miniature sculptures from found and upcycled objects, then using a combination of mechanical, projection, and special effects techniques to film and composite them digitally. It’s a form of magic that makes the small look big, utilizing everyday objects like leaves, buds, tools, memorabilia, toys that spin and float infinitely like planets in outer space.

She recently dropped a series of collections on Voice, which showcase spheres from her “Memories of Earth” series. The full series lives permanently on the ship she’ll be voyaging on during the two-week excursion to the bottom of the Earth — The National Geographic Endurance.

Sher’s art is part of Change, the first-ever permanent ship-based polar art installation, incorporating a wide-ranging collection of drawings, paintings, video, photography, sculpture, and more, from 35+ artists. The collection was curated by acclaimed artist Zaria Forman.

During the trip in Antarctica, she’ll be working on a new series for the permanent art collection aboard Lindblad Expeditions’ newest state-of-the-art polar ship, the National Geographic Resolution.

The editions now available on Voice are a way to bring collectors along on the journey to the land of ice and snow–and this is just the beginning. “I want to commemorate this exciting moment and celebrate the first full body of work I made in response to climate change,” says Sher.

Sher’s climate-conscious philosophy aligns with the environmentally-friendly NFT offering provided by Voice.

View collection here.