Exploring the act of mourning with Devin N. Morris

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2 min readMar 7, 2022


Originally published 10/27/2021

by Emily Drewry

The Voice NFT Residency was Devin N. Morris’ first foray into the world of NFTs, but his work will have an impact long after it’s released.

The Brooklyn-based visual artist typically works through the concept of collage — that might mean text, video, or physical media — after all, anything can come together.

His collection explores acts of mourning, taking form in a series of 6 videos.

“When I say mourning, I’m not really thinking about mourning,” says Morris. “I might be thinking about existing as a mourning body existing past the mourning body, maybe existing past the body.”

His depth of consideration is abundantly clear as viewers consume the visual and audio elements of each NFT.

Acts 1–4 demonstrate the act of protecting a body through its transition from physical presence to spiritual other, according to Morris. “What enables an object to personify a need for care? When does surface become a skin?”

Morris was selected for the NFT Residency by curator Kimberly Drew, who found the theme of Raise our Voice to align with and expand each artist’s individual practice.

“I think about Devin’s work, thinking about the domestic space, thinking of reconstructing different ways of how voice operates, where we find and define power,” says Drew.

As for how his collection impacts viewers, Morris hopes a certain feeling emerges front and center.

“What I hope society takes on more in the future, is being caring, is being careful,” he reflects. “That’s what this work is really about, and that’s what I hope is translated through the idea of raise our voice.”

6X (Acts) drops exclusively on Voice. View it here, and learn more about the Voice NFT Residency here.