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Voice and PhotoVogue partner up to empower the world’s most talented emerging photographers

Today, an iconic brand is taking a monumental step into Web3. We’re pleased to announce that PhotoVogue will partner with Voice on an NFT Residency, focused on the world’s most talented emerging photographers.

PhotoVogue and Voice are natural partners, both with missions to empower emerging creators from underrepresented and marginalized communities. This Residency and collection will continue to amplify the storytelling power of photography and empower diverse artists globally and in the digital space.

The program is the perfect launching pad for a group of multi talented creatives who deserve to have their voices heard. Voice will provide each participant with a stipend, collecting fund, invitations to digital workshops and mentorship, and a bonus on primary sales over the first month–all the elements needed to kickstart a successful digital art collection.

Photography has been a traditionally under-appreciated art form, with photographs being undervalued on the market and at auction when compared to paintings and sculptures. We are dedicated to ensuring it isn’t left behind in the transition to Web3.

The PhotoVogue Residency follows in the footsteps of successful partnerships with street art collective Street Theory, popular NFT project Women Rise, and influential curators Misan Harriman & Kimberly Drew.

“At the core of producing a successful NFT project is the power of being part of a community,” says Alessia Glaviano, Head of Global PhotoVogue. “It’s for this reason that we at PhotoVogue think it’s important for us to explore this new world.”

Together, Voice and PhotoVogue will continue to work towards a shared vision: an art world where artists can collect and support each other, and where geography and upbringing don’t do not define if an artist’s work will be seen or not.



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