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Zoe Buckman’s ‘Loss tapes’ explores grief in the female experience

Originally published 10/12/2021

by Emily Drewry

The multidisciplinary artist expanded upon sculpture works previously shown with multimedia elements created in collaboration with noted musicians and poets.

Before diving into the NFT space, Brooklyn-based artist Zoe Buckman needed to ensure a digital collection could have the same impact on viewers as her physical sculptures.

“I consider my work to be tactile, close, and to exist in a physical space,” she says, so NFTs initially felt like an unapproachable subject. However, it was the ability to bring her work to a broader audience via NFTs that ultimately interested Buckman in Voice’s NFT Residency.

“The ability to create something that is from me, and of me, that I believe in, but can live and is intended to live in this more accessible way, was super exciting to me.”

Buckman’s art has always been led by her personal experiences, turning personal romantic relationships, caring for her mother’s after a terminal diagnosis, and other moving moments into stunning works of art.

Voice NFT Residency Artist, Zoe Buckman

Each of the six NFTs in the collection, called Loss tapes, is a profoundly moving multimedia piece in its own right. The series explores the varied qualities of grief and power that abound in the female experience. The visual components are filmed footage of her sculptural works, augmented by audio produced by a group of established musicians and poets.

“This whole series is about loss and grief, but it’s also about resilience, and finding your way through those difficult experiences.”

Collaborators on the project include Dave Guy, Homer Steinweiss, Dana Marie Ingraham, Sabrina Mahfouz, and Roopa Mahadevan.

“I have long admired Zoe’s ability to spotlight taboo topics through her work. She is the hallmark of collaboration, and we were interested to see what the NFT format would allow her to explore and reveal,” says Alexander Gilkes, who selected Buckman to participate in the Residency, as of the curators of Voice’s program.

Loss tapes will drop exclusively on the Voice platform from October 13–18 in an auction format.

To view the collection, visit https://www.voice.com/zoebuckman.




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