Useful Resources for Google Home Developers

Last updated 2–18–17

This post has information on these Google Home resources:

  • General resources from the Google Actions team for developers
  • General reference on NodeJS and JSON
  • Links to Developer communities

My company Starbutter has the most bots built and deployed on Google Home versus any other developer — we are also active with Amazon’s Alexa platform.

General Resources for Google Home from Google Actions and API.AI

Main Google Action Dev Guides / Docs

Google Action API and SDK information

Google VUI and Action Design Checklist

Sample Actions for Google Home

Policies and Guidelines on building Google Actions

Support for Actions on Google (Legal, Review Process, Direct Actions, etc)

Building an Action on Google Home takes some effort

General Reference on NodeJS and JSON

Best NodeJS Tutorial (O’Reilly)

NodeJS Udemy Course

Quick technical NodeJS Tutorial (Vladutu)

MSDN Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) Reference Library JSON Reference Library Node Reference Library

Google Home Communities

Official Google Plus Community Forum for Google Action Developers

Stack Overflow: Actions on Google

Stack Overflow: Google Home Actions Specific Issues

Google Home Meetups

SF Bay Area Meetup for Google Home Devs

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