My Story

For those who don’t know me, my name is Trey. I grew up as a pastor’s kid in Pensacola, Florida. For anyone who doesn’t know where that is, think Alabama with a touristy beach and you’re on the right track!

The Early Years

As a young child my parents gave me the choice of either attending public school or homeschooling; to which, being the introvert I was even at that age, I eagerly chose the latter. I quickly made friends with other homeschoolers and built a small solid friend group for most of my childhood.

Around the age of ten I began to experience significant health issues. Unable to gain weight and maintain hardly any energy, it was a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning. Doctors were perplexed and pointed to what seemed to be the obvious cause, Anorexia. By the age of fourteen I no longer had the strength to stand on my own two feet. On my way to an anorexic clinic in Tallahassee, Fl, my parents received a call. The hospital at which I had just received blood work earlier that morning were calling me back in; telling my parents that without immediate treatment I was mere hours away from slipping into a coma and subsequent death. An endocrinologist that just happened to be passing through had taken a look at the results and immediately recognized the problem for what it actually was. Addison’s Disease is a rare condition in which the body’s adrenal glands cannot function; leaving the body running on practically zero energy 24/7. Often overlooked by doctors due to its rarity, the disease is often misdiagnosed as Anorexia. Finally, after close to five years of bed ridden misery, I could live a normal life.

Shortly after my recovery started, my parents split; leaving me with my mom. The reasons at the time were too complicated for my young mind to fully understand. As my mom worked two jobs I found myself at home teaching myself everything from math and history to guitar. I quickly became involved with a local church and through it gained friendships that I still have today.

The next few years were pivotal in my life. I grew greatly in my relationship with God; getting more and more involved in the music ministry at church. I grew to love worship, playing nearly 4–5 times a week at the church (that includes practices). Music and worship became my life.


Eventually it was time to go to college. Living in Pensacola my whole life, I was ready to escape the city and pursue my passion; music. After visiting Southeastern University with some friends I decided that it was a perfect fit for my life and quickly applied to the private university. After being accepted, I began to prepare for my life as a music major. This hype was even more fueled by seeing all of the music majors constantly playing and singing anywhere and everywhere they could on the campus. As any music major will tell you though, for all the degree has to offer, one music theory class is all it takes to reveal if it’s something you actually want for your life career. That one class made it very clear to me that music was not my future career.

Like many college students, I dipped my feet in a variety of majors. Eventually I decided upon Journalism as it captured me unlike any of the other majors I tried out.

Where I Am Now

After enjoying 3 amazing years of college, I hit a road block in my senior year; I could not afford to finish school and was forced to move back home. This destroyed me at first, as school had become my life. I was looking forward to my career, I had no desire to leave my friends, and I was convinced that there was no way God would bring me that far just to leave me hanging in my last year of college.

Months passed as I prayed for God to give me some kind of opportunity.

Sure enough, He did! In July of 2015, after giving my resume to my pastor who was helping me look for a job; I landed a job as a web designer.

Since then, God has blessed me with multiple clients and I am happily looking towards the future as I am taking the first steps towards starting my own web design business.

To Sum It Up

Everything I have experienced both positive and negative has built my faith and made me the man I am today. I’ve made friends, enjoy a healthy relationship with both of my parents, and am lucky enough to be dating the most beautiful woman who I can honestly say loves me for who I am. What more could I ask for? While I could sit here and recount countless stories from the past years of my life, everything that those years represent can be summed up in three words; Faith, Family, and Friends.

The road ahead of me is long, but I’m ready for whatever it brings!

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