Coloured lights

It is hard to be a lark when you go to sleep at dawn. I’m a definite night owl, and I fill with excitement at the thought of going through a city at night. Every city in the world can be delightful during the night time. The greatest thing about these walks is that I love to be left alone with my thoughts. I always try to catch time by the tail. I have a gigantic list of things I want to do; I write it myself almost every evening. I love this. I don’t feel bored even for a second; there is no such word as “boredom” in my life at all. But everything has a price. It’s like I live my life at high speed. Most moments are amazing but too short.

It’s an early autumn evening; I’m fourteen and I’m walking home through the empty streets of Samara city after my classes at the art school. I know it might be dangerous, the streets are mostly dark and scary, but I don’t care. I feel the need to find headphones in my bag and put them on. It’s always a task to find the right song, something special for this evening. Let it be “Nothing Else Matters” (Metallica).

Time slows down. The leaves of the trees sway slowly. I smell the rain in the air. There are yellow streetlights, coloured windows, the white moon in the sky, and everything else is in darkness. In the sunlight, everything is too variegated, everything attracts your attention, therefore, you can’t so easily fall into your thoughts as at night. During dark hours, any light patch is noticeable. Puddles and wet leaves reflect the light. It is wonderful. I’m cold but I don’t want this walk to be over.

Forever trusting who we are

And nothing else matters

It’s a spring evening; I’m eighteen and I go to the hall of residence after my study at the university. A busy Moscow street is to the left of me. I can see only headlights of cars; they are so bright. It is a mix of light and the sound of speeding cars, though. Then I notice neon signs at the shopping mall. Big cities are always like that: bright colours and a senseless rush. No one notices you. Usually, cities are accused of that anonymity, but I like it. Loneliness in the crowd? I would say “solitude”. You can’t feel that way in a small city or a village where people more often than not know each other. I was born in a big city and, fortunately, I’m a lover of big cities.

It is a strange feeling: I’m lost in the moment but at the same time I think about my life as a whole. There is always this question: “Am I happy?” As long as the answer is “yes”, everything is fine. I listen to the song “Knights Of Cydonia” (Muse), it is the perfect song to hear this evening. Cars are passing by, people rush to their homes, and I look up at the sky and see a few stars.

Come ride with me

Through the veins of history

It’s a winter evening; I’m nineteen and I’m walking through London streets after my study at Regent’s. I love winter for two reasons: it gets dark quickly and I love snow. You can hardly expect snow in London, but at 6 p.m. all streets are covered with darkness. By then I have almost reached the place where I live. It’s an ordinary two-storey brick building with big windows. What I like is an outer small gate, painted black. It is made of metal, and it’s not really pretty, but when you hear the sound of the gate closing, you realize that you are at home.

The evening is too charming; I can’t go inside the house right now. I turn and find myself on the street again. Now it’s time for the song “Mountain Sound” (Of Monsters and Men). I walk through empty streets for another fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes of solitude. London is different. In the evenings it is quiet. There are busy roads of course, but if you go just a few steps from them you will hear silence. I was greatly surprised when I took off my headphones in London for the first time.

To the right of me is a miniature square, and to the left are small houses. I like buildings here because it’s not an easy task to find a skyscraper. I hate them. Usually they are rather ugly and they literally scrape the sky. It is an odd feeling but it seems the lights are much softer here than in Moscow. Or maybe I just got used to it over the years and can’t see the brightness any more. Anyway, I like it. White buildings reflect street lights. It’s like there is no contrast of light and darkness, only harmony. Oh, maybe, it’s just how I feel myself.

We sleep until the sun goes down

We sleep until the sun goes

Cities are nothing if people can’t see their beauty. There will always be crazy romantics, who like walking in the rain, who don’t like rushing about. I need cities. Because it’s absolutely impossible to imagine my life without these evening walks.

It’s always about light and darkness. Everything is. Our life is full of patches of different colours, but only in darkness is the light of such importance.