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Voices of America

Voices of America: Artist Statement

I am an investigative artist, born in the USA and currently living in Berlin, Germany. I’ve lived in Europe for over 7 years.

From afar, I watched celebrity Donald Trump rise from unlikely outlier to popular candidate in the presidential primary race.

My Facebook newsfeed was punctuated daily by statuses asking, “Who are Trump’s supporters? I don’t know any!” There is a lack of political discourse in the States; I want to do something to change that.

To open space for conversation.

No single candidate will bring a solution to the problems facing this country.

We need to learn to speak and listen to one another if we are ever to find a way forward. We have to see the humanity in one another. To open dialogue instead of hurl insults across dividing lines.

That’s the goal of this series: to initiate genuine conversation and create space to listen and engage with one another.




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Talitha Brauer

Talitha Brauer


Investigative Artist. Wanderer. I love colour, clean design, and vast open spaces. And you. www.talithabrauer.com