Trump for President: Perspective from an Immigrant

Victor E at his dining room table.

Who are Trump’s supporters and why don’t I know any?

Victor E, age 77, was born in Paraguay. He’s a naturalised US citizen who lives in Gastonia, NC.

Interview conducted in Spanish, translation by Parker Hatley.

Trump talks a lot, he is an aggressive talker; but these are political techniques that he has to use right now, in order to break down the multitude of negative opinions that are set against him. It’s the only way. If he didn’t speak in such a frank, candid way no one would believe him.
Victor spends time on Facebook in his office.
I don’t think that everything that Trump says is real. The word politics means to win people over. But the candidates are assaulting people with their words. Why? There are people that don’t even read anymore. They have their television and their cellphones.
Victor and his wife Yolanda stand in the kitchen of their home in Gastonia, NC.
My support for Trump is different…I’ve come to it through my work and from my ideals. I look at the other candidates and not a single one, including Cruz, has a realistic plan for the future of this country.
A box of imported cookies sit on Victor’s kitchen counter.
One of this county’s biggest problems is immigration. In this moment people come here only to consume. We need people that come to produce and leave the production here — we need to work together for tomorrow.
They come to work here, they draw great benefit, but they also maintain their families in their own countries. Do you think that’s okay? If we leave the future in the hands of Hillary Clinton or Bernie this will continue to happen.
Victor places his finger on a metal frame which once held a Trump sign.
I put my sign in the yard and somebody came, at God knows what hour, to steal it — on my property. And the law says that private property must be respected. These kind of people don’t respect anything. The law doesn’t interest them. These aren’t enemies of Trump, but of our children, of our grandchildren, of the future of America.
The important thing here is to return to the first face of America: constitution and law, and Trump can bring us there. The house that is divided cannot stand…and if things continue like this it will be destroyed. We have to take care that we don’t destroy ourselves. We are vulnerable, and at this moment need to take extremely urgent measures. That is why we need a person like Trump.
He will create jobs. And will look to the countryside and invest in farms, which is especially important for a state like North Carolina where agriculture is so important. But not like Monsanto. Monsanto has helped the mixing that has occurred.
Photos of family members hang on Victor’s office wall.
The biggest threat to America right now is ourselves. We are abandoning America and throwing away the lifejacket. New immigrants — they bring drugs, they bring their politics, and they bring their religion. No one brings anything positive to support the people, to make America strong.

This story is part of Voices of America, a photographic exploration of ordinary Americans and their reasons for supporting a controversial candidate. Curated by Talitha Brauer.

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