An unusual drive thru: getting results

Have you wondered what it’s like to be on the other side of the car window?

We work as a team and could not accomplish anything otherwise, so my role varies on a day to day basis.

One day, Private Charity May Reed is driving the vehicle with the tests inside, on another, she’s leading a team teaching others how to perform the tests.

The Powys region in Wales

It’s a good feeling, especially to be in my home country. I’d rather be out doing my part than back in camp.

Private Davies (left) and Private Reed (right)

Being mobile means we can operate anywhere, reaching people who can’t reach their nearest hospital or testing centre. It’s an honour for me to serve this country and have the opportunity to do so in this way.

Rifleman Dhimal

Read more on the UK Armed Forces’ support to the government’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak here:

Find out where the UK Armed Forces are deployed here:



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