An Army Wildcat helicopter landing

Army Aircraft Engineers: putting supplies in the skies

Lance Corporal Eleanor Kent says she is grateful for her ability to give back to her country by supporting the transport of personnel and goods around the UK to NHS hospitals. Hear from three Aircraft Engineers who are supporting the government’s response against the coronavirus.

LCpl Eleanor Kent

“We’ve managed to move across the country and adapt quickly to the circumstances, whilst looking out for ourselves and maintaining our health.”

To NHS key workers, LCpl Eleanor says:

“Thank you for everything you are doing to keep the country moving and for the sacrifices you are making. We are in this together and we are here to support you.”

LCpl Bray Cole-Jones

“How fast everyone has adapted. We are working in a new area with the same work ethic and unity as always.”

LCpl Dan Murphy

“We’re the most mobile rotary aircraft in the UK, ready to support with multi-role aircraft. The unit are ideally suited to the task.”

For more information on the Aviation Task Force, and how Armed Forces aircraft and engineers are supporting the Coronavirus response, click here.

Find out about the UK Armed Forces’ response to the Coronavirus crisis:

Find out where the UK Armed Forces are deployed here:



Stories from the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the UK Armed Forces around the globe.

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