British soldiers rescue stranded locals in Belize among the aftermath of hurricane Eta

More than 80 British Army soldiers currently deployed on a training exercise in Central America have stepped up to support the Government of Belize as they provided aid and rescued stranded locals in the aftermath of Hurricane Eta.

“It is not wasted on me that we are guests in this beautiful country and when our hosts ask and need a little support, it is great to be able to lean-in and assist. Hurricane Eta, the torrential rains and subsequent floods that followed have impacted so-many people across the region. Like the motto of our Belize Defence Force (BDF) colleagues, we stand “Shoulder to Shoulder” with them as we bring some relief to a beleaguered population.”

“For me to help with what we’re doing, makes me feel quite proud. To give them food and water when they can’t get to it themselves.”

“We are proud to have the opportunity to work with the BDF as they work to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Belize affected by the flooding.

“I have been impressed by the enthusiasm shown by our soldiers in helping our Commonwealth partners after Hurricane Eta” he said. “We are extremely happy to be in a position to offer support and help Belizeans recover from adversity.”

The British Army has a long-standing relationship with Belize, assisting with the disaster relief will only strengthen the bonds between our two nations.

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