Two members of the RAF in combats are pictured in profile wearing PPE facemasks

Door to door delivery: RAF helps distribute tests in Birmingham

Around 100 military personnel have started work with Birmingham City Council to support its “Drop and Collect” Testing initiative.

Two military personnel in camouflage uniform walk away wearing high-vis jackets with the legend “Birmingham City Council”
RAF personnel head out to a delivery in Birmingham

Members of the RAF Music services and 51 Squadron RAF Regiment have been deployed to help deliver Covid-19 tests to households across Birmingham. This is part of the Armed Forces’ work to support to civil authorities in the UK.

A member of the RAF Regiment holds a bagged-up self test kit and leaflet
Free self-test kits will be delivered to households in the city

Birmingham City Council’s initiative is designed to offer local people an easier way to get tested for coronavirus, offering a free self-test kit brought direct to the door.

People in high-vis jackets mill around a large room with tables marked “bus 1” and “bus 2”. A queue system is ready to go.
In the Birmingham Hub where Covid-19 tests are collected to be distributed around the city, RAF Regiment personnel control the radio, receiving incoming messages from other personnel.

Teams will be visiting households across the city to deliver self-testing kits, even for those without symptoms. Completed kits are collected the same day and returned for analysis.

volunteers sit in a large room, spaced 2 metres apart, waiting to be briefed.
RAF personnel and local volunteers are briefed about the mission ahead.

RAF personnel are working side by side with volunteers from local public services - including the Council and the NHS - to help increase access to tests in the area.

A man in camouflage uniform and an orange high-vis jacket steps onto a minibus
Buses full of RAF personnel and local volunteers will distribute tests around the city.

Read more about how the Armed Forces supported the response to the pandemic earlier this year:

Find out where the UK Armed Forces are deployed here:



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