French fast jet Pilot Captain Rage flys Typhoon with the RAF

At the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2019 we caught up with Captain Rage — French Air Force fast jet pilot — who has been flying Typhoon for the past year with the Royal Air Force.

“I think it could be like a childhood dream. It’s a feeling that from the inside is just huge. I was not expecting to do something so so great. I am clearly proud.”

Captain Regis Beugnette AKA Captain Rage usually pilots a Rafale fast jet for the French Air Force, but at RIAT 2019 you may have seen him piloting one of three Typhoons involved in the NATO flypast.

This year at RIAT celebrated 70 years of NATO, with 20 of the 29 allied nations present flying the NATO flag.

The NATO flypast was led by the three Typhoons and followed by several other NATO nations.

RIAT 2019 NATO Flypast

Earlier this year the French and the UK made a new agreement to oversee the exchange of Pilots between the two nations.

The exchange between the French and the British pilots is all part of sharing capability between the two nations, further strengthening the UK’s relationship with France and building on the strong partnership between our armed forces.

“I think the aim of being on exchange is I can bring some idea from France and I come back and take just the best of each other to be even better.”

His story doesn’t end there. As part of Captain Rage’s exchange, he will be deployed on a NATO air policing exercise with the RAF later this year. NATO Air Policing keeps our airspace safe, keeps the peace and prevents conflict.

Curious as to why UK fast jets are flying the NATO flag? Click here.

Voices Of The Armed Forces

Stories from the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the UK Armed Forces around the globe.

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Voices Of The Armed Forces

Stories from the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the UK Armed Forces around the globe.

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