Gurkha COVID-19 testers cooked a homely meal

After many long days giving COVID-19 tests to lorry drivers to ease congestion and allow them across the channel, the Gurkha soldiers have been rewarded with a gift from fellow Gurkha units.

170 soldiers from the 1st Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles were presented with a Nepalese meal, including bhat, tarkari and dal (rice, vegetables and lentils), pork and chicken, on a cold day in January.

The Gurkha military community arranged for whichever of their units were closest to the test centres to cook, deliver and serve the meal.

Captain Jamie Dick of 1 Royal Gurkha Regiment said:

“The Gurkhas at these outstations have really appreciated this. At the moment, they are being accommodated nearby and sourcing their food from local shops.

Ordinarily back at their home barracks in Folkestone their canteen would serve Nepalese cuisine on a daily basis, so this has really been well received and goes a long way to keeping their spirits up.”

Gurkhas operating COVID-19 test centres at Hopwood Park and Tamworth service stations along the M42 welcomed the arrival of lunch provided by the Queen’s Gurkha Signal Squadron from 30 Signals Regiment, based at Bramcote.

They have been working as part of a Military Aid to Civil Authorities request: supporting the government and councils with the COVID-19 response. Soldiers across the country have been deployed since before Christmas to test lorry drivers hoping to cross the channel. The Armed Forces are also stepping up to give mass-testing to towns, support councils in planning and logistics, and drive ambulances where needed.

Read more about Military Aid to Civil Authorities and the COVID-19 response here:

Find out where else the UK Armed Forces are deployed here 👇



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