Helping get you boosted

Helping get you boosted

Over 850 military personnel have been made available to support the NHS in the vaccine programme across Scotland and England

Similar to the beginning of the year where we saw sailors, soldiers and aviators step up to help in the initial vaccination programme, again they are ready to support across the United Kingdom.

In England, 600 personnel are available to administer vaccines, working in small teams across the country alongside NHS staff.

Additionally, around 50 individuals will provide planning support to NHS England. 41 planners will deploy to NHS regions and 10 logistics experts will be based at NHS England’s headquarters in London.

Planners based at NHS England headquarters will be led by Brigadier Phil Prosser, who led the previous vaccine programme which began in December 2020. The planners will work alongside NHS England to maximise existing capacity and ensure the vaccine programme can be delivered at pace.

Since March 2020, Defence has supported over 430 tasks as part of Operation RESCRIPT — Defence’s support to the UK’s response to the pandemic.

The UK Armed Forces are currently supporting ambulance services in Wales and Scotland and the vaccine rollout in Scotland among other tasks including testing.

If you have the time, take a listen to episode 6 of our fancy a brew? podcast, where we were joined by the (then) commander of Operation RESCRIPT Lieutenant General Tyrone Urch as he talks with Lieutenant Jonathan, Lance Corporal Dirgha, Lieutenant Fabian and Flying Officer Eleanor as they discuss life on the Operation. ☕️ 👇

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