An image of an airman on the ground.

In Pictures: Exercise Crimson Warrior

Recently, the Royal Air Force concluded it’s largest exercise in a decade — take a look at the some of the highlights

The largest military exercise to be run by the Royal Air Force in the UK for many years has finished after three weeks of complex air activities.

The Exercise, called Ex Crimson Warrior involved personnel and aircraft from the RAF as well as the Royal Navy, British Army, United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force, and saw fast jets, multi-engine aircraft, helicopters and Unmanned Air Systems operating from Stations across the country.

An image of preparation for a training exercise.
Preparing for the exercise.

Exercise Crimson Warrior was a development of the regular Cobra Warrior exercises with the addition of missions to support the work up of F-35B Lightnings and helicopters that will form the Carrier Strike Group Air Wing during next year’s operational deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Incorporating large scale tactical training, the exercise began on the 19 October and involved over 70 aircraft completing a range of missions. The Exercise also marked the end of the long and demanding Qualified Weapons Instructor (QWI) Courses, which train selected personnel to be expert practitioners in their individual warfare speciality or aircraft.

Take a look at some of the events that happened during the exercise below:👇

📸 Exercise Crimson Warrior

Aircraft and personnel from RAF Marham’s 617 Squadron and F-35 aircraft from the United States Marines Corps joined colleagues from across the RAF for Ex Crimson Warrior.
An image of aircraft from Joint Helicopter Command arriving at RAF Leeming.
Aircraft from Joint Helicopter Command arriving at RAF Leeming.
An image of a training exercise.
Personnel took part in both land and air exercises.
Voyagers ZZ332 and ZZ338 lifting on a refuelling sortie in support of Exercise Crimson Warrior.
15 Squadron RAF Regiment are tested against the five phases of Joint Personnel Recovery.
An image of airmen taking part in a live training exercise.
Airmen taking part in live training exercises.
An image of a member of the 15 Squadron RAF Regiment.
A member from 15 Squadron RAF Regiment looks through his scope.

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