A male sailor over looking Reykjavik from HMS Prince of Wales

📸 In Pictures: Largest exercise in Norway since the 80s

35,000 troops have been put through their paces as they trained under the most extreme of climate conditions.

A cloudy landscape of Reykjavik, Iceland 2022
The UK Armed Forces took part in the long-standing NATO exercise in Norway.

Cold Response 2022 in action 📸

Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales took its place at the centre of one of the most powerful naval task forces in the world at the start of the largest Arctic exercises for 30 years.
The HMS Prince of Wales Task Group operated in harsh cold weather environments with allies and partners from across NATO.
HMS Prince of Wales stopped by in Reykjavik for a week to show off the Royal Navy’s largest and most advanced warship.
HMS Prince of Wales on a planned deployment to Norway as the NATO Command Ship 2022

Find out where the UK Armed Forces are deployed here:



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