An image taken onboard HMS Northumberland.

📸 In Pictures: Life onboard HMS Northumberland

The Type 23 frigate recently deployed to the Western Atlantic off the eastern seaboard off the USA, supporting aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and her embarked F-35 fighter jets as they were put through their paces

HMS Northumberland

An image of HMS Northumberland.

Total displacement: 4,900 tonnes

Total length: 133 metres

Top speed: 28+ knots

HMS Northumberland was originally designed to carry out anti-submarine operations in the North Atlantic. Today, this versatile ship carries out a wide variety of maritime security operations, including counter-piracy, escort duties and boarding operations.

As the name suggests, HMS Northumberland maintains close ties with the North East of England. She was built by the Swan Hunter shipyard in Tyne and Wear and is affiliated with the county of Northumberland.

During operations with HMS Queen Elizabeth and the UK Carrier Strike group, Northumberland was deployed in her role as an expert submarine hunter, providing vital protection from subsurface threats to the group of allied warships.

Using her specialist equipment, including state of the art Sonar 2087 Variable Depth Sonar, Northumberland kept tabs on activity below the waves, as the largest and most powerful European-led maritime force in almost 20 years gathered.

An image of HMS Northumberland.
HMS Northumberland is able to carry out a wide range of maritime security operations.

📸 Take a look at life onboard HMS Northumberland👇

HMS Northumberland powers through the North Atlantic.
Dolphins are spotted overboard.
A picture of a A Merlin Mk2 Helicopter onboard HMS Northumberland.
A Merlin Mk2 Helicopter, Mohawk Flight of 814 Squadron onboard HMS Northumberland.
An image of HMS Northumberland glancing out to sea.
HMS Northumberland glances out to sea.
An image of the sun rising onboard HMS Northumberland.
The sun rises over HMS Northumberland.
An image of a Merlin Mk2 Helicopter taking flight.
A Merlin Mk2 Helicopter takes flight.
Images taken from a Major Machinery Space Fire Exercise onboard HMS Northumberland. The crew are regularly tested for COVID to allow the smooth running of operations.

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