Portrait of Captain Clark.

My role in the fight against Daesh

Reservist Captain Clark is deployed to Baghdad in Iraq on Operation SHADER — here’s his story…

Map showing Baghdad, Iraq.

Ensuring that Daesh is unable to re-establish itself across Iraq and Syria, ultimately restricts its ability to spread extremism and related terrorist activity across the world.

Capt Clark in Iraq
Capt Clark in Iraq
British troops on remberance sunday in Erbil, Iraq on Op SHADER.
British troops on remembrance Sunday in Erbil, Iraq on Op SHADER.
RAF Typhoon taking off on routine operations in support of Op SHADER in the Middle East.

We ran up the vertical height of Everest (8,848m), taking 23 days and just over 11 hours in total — raising £8,500.

Find out where else the UK Armed Forces are deployed here:



Stories from the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the UK Armed Forces around the globe.

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