NATO’s ‘eyes in the sky’: Air Commodore Martin

I am Air Commodore Andy Martin, Deputy Commander of the NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force. The mission of the Force is to ‘Deliver ready, responsive Airborne Early Warning, Battle Management and Command & Control’.

Air Cdre Andy Martin.

What is your role and what does it entail?

The force is comprised of the one NATO and one UK Component, each of which operates the Boeing E-3 AWACS aircraft.

Deputy Force Commander and Force HQ Division Heads.

What is it like working with NATO allies?

Working within NATO is a very rewarding and enjoyable experience — giving the opportunity to learn from other nations who often do things in a slightly different way to the UK, but still achieve the same high quality of output.

NAEW&C Force Command Group Staff.

What has been a highlight in your current role?

It is particularly inspiring for me to be a part of a force that is a visible and highly capable symbol of NATO unity and cohesion.

Deputy Force Commander, E-3A Component Commander (USAF), and Base support Wing Commander (German AF) serving lunch at base dining facility to enable team building day for catering staff.

What was your role previous to this one?

My previous role was Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff for RAF Combat Air Capability Delivery.

What is the importance of the AWACS and the NAEW&C Force?

The Air C2 and Battle Management role is critical to success in modern military operations, acting as a force multiplier during the execution of combat operations.

The NAEW&C Force directly contributes to NATO’s ability to fulfil its mission to deter, and if necessary defend its member nations.

Meeting President Macron with Force Commander (German AF), and local German Senior National Representative. Due to its location, the base receives a lot of high profile visitors.

What is the NAEW&C Force currently doing?

In addition to constantly contributing to the successful execution of NATO’s Standing tasks, such as Air Surveillance, Air Policing, and Assurance Measures, the NAEW&C Force continues to be a key part of the NATO Response Force and has been supporting the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh since 2016.

Boeing E-3 AWACS aircraft.

What is the future of the AWACS?

Both Components of the NAEW&C Force will be progressively upgraded in the coming years to ensure NATO’s battle-winning edge is sustained as the operational environment continues to evolve.

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