An image of Lieutenant Kiani.

💉 No vaccine wasted: Supporting the NHS in the South East

Lieutenant Kiani has stepped up to be part of the COVID-19 vaccine Quick Reaction Force, supporting the NHS in the South East of England

During the pandemic, Lieutenant Kiani stepped up from her role as an embedded military nurse in an emergency department in Plymouth to help with the vaccination programme in the South East of England, supporting the NHS.

Following training in Portsmouth, Kiani became part of the vaccine Quick Reaction Force. This is an important role, helping to put jabs into the arms of those being vaccinated.

We recently spoke to Lieutenant Kiani on her role and her life in the Armed Forces:👇

An image of Lieutenant Kiani.
Lieutenant Kiani stepped up to the challenge of working as part of the vaccine Quick Reaction Force.

Can you tell us about working as part of the vaccine Quick Reaction Force?

“So the team I was working in was comprised of a doctor, two nurses and three Combat Medical Technicians, so this was the first opportunity I have had to work alongside Armed Forces personnel on vaccines, understanding what their role is and what they can do.

“To begin, we had to complete training which is completely new to us, building up our knowledge through e-learning, practical skills and theoretical skills from a hub in Portsmouth where the training was conducted.

“The military have come in to ensure that no vaccines are wasted, helping to provide extra support where necessary to help with the rollout. The job was to help people get vaccinated in as little time as possible, and it’s amazing how grateful the whole nation has been.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced during the pandemic?

“It’s hard to say to be honest as it has all been one big challenge. I think starting at the beginning in the emergency department, I was one of the first people who would see people coming into hospital, and you have to really make sure you are protecting other patients and your colleagues in that environment.

“It became evident really quickly how easily this disease can spread, and it has been amazing to see all of the work going in to prevent as many cases as possible in hospital environments.

An image of a COVID-19 vaccine.
The Armed Forces are continuing to play a crucial role in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines across the UK.

What led you into the role you carry out today?

“So my initial drive and desire to join the Armed Forces came from my mum. I knew I always wanted to go into a profession that had a medical background, and at the time my mum was a paramedic, and she worked very closely with nurses, particularly in the emergency department.

“Sport has also been a massive part of my life forever, and it has provided me with so many different opportunities from school to national level, so that was something I really needed to remain a part of my life, and I am sure many people will agree with me that when you are working thirteen hours a day, it can be hard to get into the gym or dedicate yourself to sport because you are exhausted.

“However, because of what the military offers, I am currently working as a nurse but I also represent the Royal Navy and the Armed Forces in netball, and the military recognise that we need that time to train to take part in competitions, which is something that drew me in.

An image of Lieutenant Kiani playing netball.
Lieutenant Kiani has always been a big fan of netball, now representing the Royal Navy.

What would you say to someone wishing to join the military?

“I would say that there is so much opportunity and adventure in the Armed Forces, and it’s up to you to get out there and seek those opportunities and really make the most of the career that could be had.

“Working in the military, there is so much opportunity to get out there and develop yourself within your job. For me, I am hopefully going to be doing my specialist training in emergency care in the next year or so, and that is something the military will fund and assist me with, and I often feel that you do not get these opportunities in civilian life, as there might not be enough time.”

“In the military, they understand the importance of developing their people, giving them the time to become the best they can be.” — Lieutenant Kiani

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