Poseidon protects UK waters against Russian warship

The new RAF submarine-hunting aircraft completed its first mission, shadowing a Russian warship in the North Sea

RAF P-8A Poseidon overflys Vasily Bykov over the North Sea.

The Royal Air Force has once again intercepted Russian activity but is a first for the RAF’s new P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft. The sub hunting aircraft completed its first operational mission, shadowing a Russian warship in the North Sea near UK waters.

Monitoring and tracking activity in the airspace and seas around the UK is paramount to our security. It keeps you safe.

Aircraft from the RAF and vessels from the Royal Navy ensure our seas and skies are defended at all times.

Oblique and overviews of the Vasily Bykov transitting through the north sea on 03/08/2020 as shot from P-8A Poseidon

As the Poseidon aircraft kept watch of the Russian vessel, Vasily Bykov, it was supported by Typhoon Fighter jets and the Voyager refuelling aircraft. This mission by the RAF has shown that together, both the RAF, Royal Navy and our NATO allies will secure the seas and skies.

A Royal Air Force (RAF) P-8 Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) completed its first operational mission this week shadowi

This new aircraft offers a mighty blend of tracking options and associated weapons able to find vessels above and below the waves. Allowing the RAF to complete effective joint maritime operations with the Royal Navy.

VIP Voyager refuelling aircraft with Typhoon over the North Sea.

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