An image of the drugs intercepted by the Royal Navy in the Caribbean.

Royal Navy seize £120 million of drugs during double bust in the Caribbean

The successful operation saw over one and a half tonnes of cocaine either resting on the seabed or seized by the Navy support ship RFA Argus

An image of RFA ship Argus.
RFA ship Argus helped to prevent millions of pounds of drugs from entering the UK

“It’s at a time like this, when all the elements in a ship as capable as RFA Argus come together to achieve such success, that one feels proud to be her Commanding Officer.”

— Commanding Officer of RFA Argus Captain Kevin Rimell

An image of the drugs from the drug bust being moved.
The team on board RFA Argus help move the seized drugs
An image of a helicopter used during the drug bust.
Helicopters help to provide support to RFA ship Argus from the air
An image of the deck of RFA ship Argus.

“The professionalism and resourcefulness of both the UK and US assets on board have delivered success and proven we work as one team.”

— Commanding Officer of RFA Argus Captain Kevin Rimell

RFA ship Argus has now carried out five counter-narcotics operations since September, while fellow task group ship HMS Medway has two to her name in the same time span.

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