An image of a ship out at sea.

The best of both worlds: life in the Royal Navy Reserves

Able Rate (AB) Aaron Boileau answers questions about what it is like to work for the Royal Navy Reserves and what his role is all about

📸 AB Aaron Boileau

An image of AB Aaron Boileau.
AB Aaron Boileau mobilised to the Falklands.

Why did you join the Reserves?

“I always look forward to the variety of training opportunities on offer in the Royal Navy Reserves. Whether its honing seamanship and weapon skills in branch training, or working on Command, Leadership and Management skills.”

An image of AB Boileau.
AB Aaron Boileau on a live training exercise.

What do you enjoy most about the Reserves?

“My general life as a Reservist is a ‘double life’. I can live my civilian life as normal, whilst also getting paid to wear a uniform and do incredible things none of my civilian peers get to do, all in my spare time.”

An image of AB Boileau.
AB Aaron Boileau on Pebble Island, one of the Falkland Islands.

What benefits have the Reserves brought to your civilian life?

An image of AB Boileau on a training exercise.
AB Boileau had gained a lot of new skills as a result of being part of the Royal Navy Reserves.

What would you say to someone who is interested in joining the Reserves?

“It has its challenging moments, but they all build character and personal skills. If you want to serve your country, do something that sets you apart, make friends for life, learn transferable civilian skills and get paid for it, join the Royal Navy Reserves.”

An image of a ship at sea.

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