Sailors taking part in the fire fighting exercise on board RFA Argus.

Turning up the heat in the Caribbean

While many of their shipmates were ashore in the British Virgin Islands dealing with a (mock) disaster, the crew of RFA Argus were keeping raging fires in check

Crew on board RFA Argus during their fire fighting exercises.

The crew of RFA Argus were recently put through their paces as they were tested in their ability to deal with ‘serious blazes’ on the 28,000-tonne vessel.

The exercise saw members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary crew working side by side with some of the Royal Navy units embarked on board. The teams onboard donned heavy protective gear and ran out hoses to the ‘fires’, this combined with the heat of the Caribbean made for a particularly gruelling exercise.

Sailors taking part in the fire fighting exercise.

When on deployment all ships allocate sailors to a Standing Sea Emergency Party. These sailors are at immediate notice to respond to fire, flood or other major incidents on board, buying their shipmates time to get kitted up, ready to join them.

Sailors taking part in the fire fighting exercise onboard RFA Argus.

Working in company with HMS Medway, the UK’s naval presence in the Caribbean will be in the region until the tail end of the year.

Argus and Medway are providing reassurance to residents of British Overseas Territories and they are supporting the US Coast Guard and other international agencies in the ongoing fight against drug trafficking.

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