About Voices of the Revolution

Voices of the Revolution is a blog inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders and his 2016 presidential campaign. We believe the progressive movement is the future of both the United States and the world. Our blog gives regular, working people — people like Mike, an educator in Tulsa; Katherine, a small-business consultant in Sacramento; and Dan, a mental health therapist in Philadelphia — a grassroots platform on which to share their commitment to the progressive revolution.

Natural disasters caused by climate change, corporate control of politics, the widening gulf between the rich and the poor — these are just some of the 21st-century issues threatening our country. The past few years have seen one of the largest redistributions of wealth to the rich in American history.

By increasing inequality between the rich and the poor, redefining money as speech, and through the slow and insidious takeover of politics and the media, multinational corporations and the top 1% that own them have destabilized the very core of our democracy. As long as politics is a game of money, the rich will always win. At Voices of the Revolution, we want to change the rules. This blog is our call to action and our refusal to let the wealthy and powerful steal our democracy.

Challenging these billionaires requires new politics, one that speaks to people’s needs across the political spectrum, and allows them to speak. We have created a space for individuals to write about a new progressive politics, from education to trade, healthcare to immigration.

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Voices of the Revolution is an independent entity. It is not affiliated with any politician, candidate, campaign, or other organization. The opinions, viewpoints, and beliefs expressed herein are attributable solely to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, viewpoints, beliefs, or official policies of Voices of the Revolution or any other entity.